Arcwave Ion
Oh Joy Cat Toy
Quad Fucker Sex Machine by Hismith
Let’s Talk About It – Spotlight
OMGYes Season 2
The Stress Response Cycle
Gaia by Blush
Me-Ouch That Hurts! by Nicnak
Opening Up With Online Roleplay by S.Harcum & O.White
Best Of 2020
Lingerie Confidence Boost by Mariana Meira
Ultra Wand
Sponsors 2020
Verge by We-Vibe
Crysta Block
Ranger X
Tenga Temari
We-Vibe Wand
Hentai Comics 101 by Christine Wong
Satisfyer Plug Set
Lucky Devil Eats
Stronic Real by Mady G
Chastity Cage
MyOne Perfect Fit Condoms
Yummy Sunshine
Bidet Attachment
Sims 4 Wicked Whims Mod
Best Toys Of 2019
Le Wand & Le Wand Petite
Captain Dildo
Kiss-X by Alexander Reeder
Ditto by Haley Boros
Magic Wand Plus & Mental Health
B Balls Duo by Lucy Bellwood
Panty Proposition by & Gabriele Falzone
Pro 3 Fuck Machine by F-Machine
Pervy Patent Proposals by Niki Smith
We-Vibe Moxie
JT Waist Cuff by Lucy Bellwood
Introduction to Latex by Haley Rose
Volta by Rachel Dukes
Doxy Number 3
The Spinner
Blush’s Avant Collection
Our First Sex Doll
Filthy Figments
Best Things of 2018
Aorta Films By Kazimir Lee
Letters For Lucardo
We-Vibe Sync by Lucy Bellwood
Womanizer Revisited
Polaroid Camera – Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6
Collaring by Salkitten
Syren’s Sweetheart Latex Dress
Snug Plug
Satisfyr Pro Penguin by Alexander Reeder
Kitten Play by Stephanie Mided
Fun Wand
Fun Cups
Flip 0 Black And Vibrating
Iroha Zen
Working Out The Kinks by G.C. Houle
Tokidoki by Alex Reeder
Mystic Rechargeable
Bootie Ring
My First Sex Toy by Maddie Fletcher
Your First Vibrator by Isabella Rotman
Best Toys Of 2017 & 2018
Sensate Focus by Katie Fleming