Me-ouch indeed!

Today we’re excited to be sharing a lovely comic from Nicnak! An amazing furry artist and jack of all trades. Like seriously – she even makes and sells cute animal masks!

I was really excited to get such an honest and fun slice of autobio about this particular kink into pain, and then doubly so when she handed it in – I think it’s just stunning. I hope you like it too!

Erika and I are still taking some down time, so there’s another guest comic to come before we jump back into the grind! We hope your all having a best-as-can-be-had holiday period.

↓ Comic Transcript
"Me-Ouch That Hurts! by Nicnak"
Published: December 29, 2020
Two anthropomorphic characters are rolling around in bed. Nicnak/Nicole (she/they) is a wildcat-type character with breasts, stripes and spots, and fluffy tufts on and the other character is a canine anthro, maybe a coyote. The pages are overall toned in yellows, oranges, and pinks.

As the coyote does it doggy-style with Nicole, the narration reads, "Hi, I'm Nicole and..."
The canine then sinks their teeth into Nicole's shoulder, making her immediately wince before her eyes shoot open in delight, with little hearts gleaming in their pupils and around the couple.
"I'm turned on by pain!" concludes the narration.

page 2
Nicole revels in the feeling of their partner's teeth still stuck in their shoulder, while the narration reads, "Earlier in our relationship my partner gave biting a try to make things a little more exciting. I then quickly realized I had a bit of a masochistic side. Getting bit, scratched, spanked or having my nipples pinched really got me going!"

Above an image of the coyote's hands pressing against the top of Nicole's back reads the text, "Receiving pain like this helps me become more immersed in the head space I'm in."

Now the same image repeats, but, aside from her back, the color scheme dramatically switches from soft yellows and oranges to dark blues and teals. Now the coyote's (teal) hands are far more animalistic, with great long claws, scruffier fur, and overall more predatory. These new hands leave deep red scratches down Nicole's back, beneath text that reads, "And the physicality of being hurt allows me to dive into all sorts of fantasies."

Still in doggy position like before, Nicole's partner is replaced with a giant hulking teal werewolf which dwarfs her. background shows they are in a deep, dark, menacing woods of blue colors. The two partners look at each other lustily as the narration continues, "When I think about the things in my fantasies, like werewolves a long scratch down my back or a deep bite helps make it feel all the more real to me! The pain and fantasy combined keeps me mentally engaged in the moment, making the experience even more pleasurable!"

page 3
The scene returns back to the light yellows, oranges, and browns of before. Nicole and their partner are happily cuddling, post-fuck, with the coyote resting their head on Nicole's butt, while she contentedly sneaks a look back at the leftover scratch marks on her back before falling asleep. The narration says, "I also really like to see the marks on my body made by my partner!"

Examining herself in the mirror, the narration muses, "The long scratch marks down my back... the bite marks on my neck... a big ol' hand print on my butt..."

Nicole delights as their partner holds them from behind, nuzzling a kiss next to the bite marks on her neck.
"...they're all really exciting to see and feel!" continues the narration. "This is't the sort of sex-play to do lightly. I'm lucky to have found someone whose willing to help me explore this fun, kinky side of myself!"

page 4
"It hasn't always gone perfectly, of course." Nicole reacts in unhappy pain in a different situation when her coyote bites down by her neck. "It's something we've both had to work on together."

The coyote tenderly applies a bandaid to Nicole's injured shoulder beneath the narration, "There's been learning moments."

Bandaged up, the two look at each other happily, the coyote taking Nicole's hand in theirs. "But we've always talked things out!"

Back to sexy-times, Nicole blissfully rides the coyote on top as the narration continues, "That's the key with a kink like this. Communication, respect for one another and kindness."

The two partners snuggle in bed, happy and exhausted after their horny games.
"When he introduces a little pain, I know he'sthinking of me and that it's something we're doing together. That soreness afterwards is a reminder of a fun time with my partner."

By Nicnak - The
Transcribed January 26, 2024 by Erika Moen