Kiwi is here to share the all-too-common, all-too-stressful experience of meeting up with your past after transitioning. Going home can be so hard! Not knowing how people will react can keep us from ever even attempting it (ahem, sorry, family I have not seen in 10 years). But Kiwi posits a sweet future where… what if something good happened? Sometimes our vulnerability can be rewarded and bring us into more authentic connections with others and ourselves! I guess we can never know until we try. Brb, booking a flight to the Midwest…

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↓ Comic Transcript
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Today’s comic is colored in oranges and purples lending a warmth to this comic by Kiwi. The comic starts outside of a coffee shop. Our Protagonist looks in, dressed in a tank top and skirt with knee-high socks and orange little shoes. Their hair is done up in a small bun and they carry a purse.

Our protagonist looks at their phone, raising it to the coffee shop window in front of them, comparing an old digital photo from years ago to what they see now in front of them. The photo is of a boys volleyball semi-final team and four assumedly-male children ready to compete. Three of the people look confident and happy, while one looks anxious while trying to fit in with the happy vibe. Behind the phone photo, in real life, are three masculine-appearing characters waiting in a coffee shop. They are the children from the picture, but now in their teens or twenties and missing one. It is apparent that the missing person from the group picture is our Protagonist, who is holding the phone.

With a deep breath and putting their phone away, Protagonist walks into the coffee shop, thinking to themselves ‘Shouldn’t have worn the skirt…’

‘H-hey guys’ they say aloud as they approach the table.

The sitting trio look on in amazement and surprise.
‘Hey, there you are! Long time no see’ says one of the characters who is dark skinned and wearing a Hawaiian Shirt.
‘Come, take a seat!’ Says another, a fair skinned character who's dressed up a little bit in dark tight clothing, with long hair covering their eyes, it appears a little Goth'y to Matthew (who's transcribing this, so I'll use that term to describe them!)
A third, lightly-dark-toned character, dressed a little like a skaterboi, in a beanie, sits drinking their coffee, nervously sweating.

Our protagonist sits down, as the Goth character continues on ‘Have you played the new Pikman yet?’
‘Only a little!’ Protagonist replies
‘Man, I’m addicted!’


The conversation continues between the three, with Protagonist appearing to be a little left out, and withdrawn as they stare at their coffee nervously. A little bit of time seems to have passed.
Eventually, Hawaiian Shirt notices Protagonist's withdrawal and chirps up ‘Hey, cool outfit by the way. My boyfriend has a similar aesthetic.’
Our protagonist looks on with surprise ‘Really?’

Goth picks up the conversation ‘ Yeah! You’re definitely owning it.’
‘Thank you…’ Protagonist nervously replies, with a growing blush.


Skaterboi, who has yet to say anything, stares for a while before Protagonist finally notices, and as soon as they make eye contact Skaterboi looks away.

We see a thought bubble coming from Protagonist, wondering ‘Why is he staring? Fuck, I look weird, don’t I?’ Before saying out loud, ‘Sorry.’

Hawaiian and Goth look on with question marks surrounding them, before they share a look. 
Goth leans over the table to poke Skaterboi ‘Something on your mind, man? Why so quiet?’


Skaterboi drops his face to the table ‘Ugh!’ Before looking up in embarrassment ‘It’s just shocking –‘

‘I didn’t expect them to be so cute, OK?!’
Protagonist's eyes widen in surprise  ‘huh???’

Finally, the penny has dropped, Hawaiian Shirt roars back ‘ahahaha you dork!’ Goth lols to themself, and Sk8er Boi turns his head away in mild blushing embarrassment. Beaming in the corner is Protagonist. ‘Maybe it’s not so bad to wear a skirt’ they think to themsellf as the comic ends.

Today's delightful, short comic and shared moment was written and drawn by Kiwi! And then transcribed by Matthew Nolan on January 8th 2024. He'd like to remind you that OJST needs you in 2024, and it's got exclusive content and posts to share with you in return over on