Hien Pham went out and learned the ropes with today’s personal review of The Duchy! “One of the oldest and friendliest places on the web to learn about rope bondage.”

There’s some stuff that Hien just didn’t have room enough to go into! This massive Rope-bondage and Shibari tutorial library is a scrappy-small-run business (just like us!), there is a bunch of free content but when you start to explore you’ll realize you need a membership for the good-shit.

Here’s the current pricing scale:
Free – Safety, 101, Foundations
$9 – All the Easy and Intermediates
$17 – The whole site, with all the trimmings and extras.

Our recommendation; sign up for that $9 per-month range as a good starting place and it’ll get you most of the members-only tutorials. Then when you’re ready for even more – the $17 gets you pretty much the whole site (Behind-the-scenes content and seeing how the sausage is made, which is always a fav!)

May Update – Lazarus threw together a big update post with some handy and free where-to-start links on their Patreon! Check it out if you have a chance!

This is our final week of the 10th Anniversary Pledge Drive! Come join us on Patreon for exclusive bonus comics, including an extra one from Hien about twerking!

Finally – if you’re inspired and need some rope… I recommend checking out our pals at Twisted Monk!

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