Sharing bodily fluids can be a bit of a scary and risky thing to do nowadays. Thankfully there are a BUNCH of barriers out there. Today we finally cover some of the more important ones outside of condoms, with our personal recommendation that you get yourself a box of cheap nitrile gloves for the side of the bed – so darn useful.

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↓ Comic Transcript
Erika starts off the comic by saying, “They say ‘sharing is caring’ but not when it comes to body fluids! During sexy times you wanna keep those juices to yourself (Unless you’re both tested and fluid bonded!)”

Spittle flies out of Erika’s mouth as she says this, spraying the person behind her. They scrunch up their face and hold up their hands to block some of the spit. “C’mon man, say it, don't spray it,” they say.

Erika continues. “Most people already know about condoms, but did you know there are a few other useful options out there to help keep you and your partners from swapping fluids?”

The person shrugs as they say, “Nope! No idea. Tell me all about them!”

Erika says, “Come, my Dearest Perverts, let’s dive into The Great Barrier Reef!”, as she plunges straight into a coral reef covered in gloves and dental dams.

“No sexual activity that involves physical contact with another person can ever be 100% risk-free, but you CAN make it safer by using different barriers for different activities!”

Gloves & Finger Cots

“One of the most useful things you can have next to your bed, other than lube and condoms, is a box of latex or nitrile disposable gloves from your local grocery store. These bad boys are useful for almost EVERYTHING.”

Illustrations show gloved hands jerking off a penis, fingering a vagina, and penetrating someone’s anus.

The person holds up a tiny finger cot in their hand. “And what’s a finger cot for? They look like tiny condoms, hee hee!”

The finger cot they hold up does, in fact, look very similar to a rolled up condom. Erika unrolls it to cover the friend’s index finger. She says, “It’s JUST the finger bit of a glove. They cover less ground, but are useful if you only need to cover one specific finger, like if you have a paper cut or something.”

Dental Dams

“These are thin, stretched out barriers that are GREAT if you’re going to eat out a vulva or butt and don’t want to swap fluids. It’s a thin sheet of latex or silicone that you hold against an orifice before putting your lips to it!”

An illustration shows someone’s vulva being licked through a dental dam that is stretched out over it.

The person asks, “How have I NEVER heard of these before?”

Erika says, “Well, honestly, they’re not that popular and can be harder to find! But here’s a tip: in a pinch, you can always use NON-microwavable plastic wrap.”

She pulls out some plastic wrap from a generic box that you’d find at most stores. A note says, “Microwavable plastic wrap is full of little holes! Don’t use that!”.

Condom to Dental Dam

Erika holds up a pair of scissors. “And if you’re feeling crafty, you can whip one up with some scissors!”

An illustrated guide shows the following steps:

  1. Cut off the tip.
    A pair of scissors cut off the tip of a regular condom, making it shaped like a cylindrical tube.

  2. Cut down the length.
    The scissors cut along the length of the condom tube.

  3. Unroll!
    The unrolled condom now has a rectangular shape that can be used as a makeshift dental dam.

Glove to Dental Dam

An illustrated guide shows the following steps:

  1. Cut off the fingers.

    A pair of scissors cut off the four main fingers of a regular glove (either nitrile or latex). The thumb is left alone. The result is a kind of tube shape.

  2. Cut down next to thumb.

    The scissors cut straight down the length of the remaining glove, next to the base of the thumb.

  3. Unfold!

    The glove now opens up like a book, with enough room to be stretched out and used as a makeshift dental dam.

Erika finishes the comic by saying, “Make sure not to switch the sides around once it’s been pressed against a body part, and apply generous amounts of lube to the vulva or butt before you start!”

“Hot dog! This is great!”, the person says as they happily stretch a dental dam over the anus of their sexual partner. “Watch out, world, I’mma eat ALL the asses! SAFELY!”

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This comic was posted on October 17, 2017 and transcribed July 24, 2022, by Dennie Park, who can be found at