Sharing bodily fluids can be a bit of a scary and risky thing to do nowadays. Thankfully there are a BUNCH of barriers out there. Today we finally cover some of the more important ones outside of condoms, with our personal recommendation that you get yourself a box of cheap nitrile gloves for the side of the bed – so darn useful.

Barriers from our Friends (with Benefits =)

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Lovehoney and the bigger stores don’t seem to stock much in the way of gloves or cots. So if you’re looking for some good options check out the smaller stores in our lists!

I should also mention that the character in this weeks comic is a masturbateer (who asked for accreditation!) based on Darryl R. who was one of our highest supporters on this years kickstarter. Thank you Darryl!

In the mean time, I know we mentioned it last week with Niki’s Period Panties comic, but its worth saying again – our friends at Gladrags are running a Kickstarter thats REALLY worth jumping on! They are building a small XO Flo, and giving a bunch of cups away to the needy.

Finally – FINALLY, I’m still getting excited questions about the new layout for the site, welp, about a month ago we went Ad-free thanks to our sponsors!!! You can give it a read over here!

Holy smokes, I just found out that Stockroom makes a DENTAL DAM HARNESS. That’s pretty fucking cool. I guess take a gander if your keen for a more hands free dental dam option!