It almost feels strange to post sex toy reviews nowaadays. I mean, the world is all outta wack, who do we think we are to keep doing these?! But the thing is, Mady G made us this comic months and months ago, and honestly some of us could do with a good ol’fashioned review or two.

If you’re not familiar with Mady G, they’ve been a part of OJST from the early days with a great comic on genderplay and a personal story on appearances. I’m super excited to have them back to do a Fun Factory review.

Mady makes awesome comics and just this past year released an amazing pocket comic, A Quick & Easy Guide To Queer and Trans Identities, that I’d highly encourage you to pick up

We’re big fans of the toys Fun Factory produce, they always seem so novel and well thought out. Back in the day, Erika and I reviewed a Stroni Eins and didn’t really connect with it – so it’s fun to see Mady’s thoughts!

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