Ear we go again!

Are elf ears sensitive? Would an elf maybe enjoy having them touched? Would they maybe… love it? Fi’s lightly-nsfw comic today asks the hard questions you’ve been dying to have answered.

A little light moment of sexiness and a huge thank you to Fi for making us this lovely shared moment.

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↓ Comic Transcript


Main character description:

human character:
female, she/her, age: late twenties to early thirties, light skin, long wavy blonde hair with platinum highlights close to the roots, hair half up half down with long strands falling into her face. feminine appearance with curvier body type compared to her partner and overall rounder features and body type to match a bubbly personality.

elf character:
female, she/they, , age: late twenties to early thirties, light brown skin, short black hair but still long enough for strands to fall into their face, body type a bit more toned, appears a bit grumpy and reserved at first glance, all dark clothing, looks and dresses more tomboy-ish/adrogynous compared to her partner.

The elf ad human stand in the doorway between a hall and the bedroom, in the process of undressing while making out. Now down to her skivvies, the human leads the elf by the hand.

Page 2
"Just a moment, ..." The elf struggles while pulling off their t-shirt, revealing a gray sports sports bra and boxers as the human flirtatiously suspends her pink bra on her extended finger.

Smiling, the topless human reaches out to her entangled lover. "Need some help?" She asks.
"...yeah." Admits the elf, with their arms locked in their shirt overhead.

As the human pulls the shirt up and past the elf's head, her hand brushes a pointed ear, eliciting an "Oh~!" from the blushing elf.

page 3
"Sensitive spot?" The human asks coyly, now intentionally running her fingers against both elf ears.
"Mmm, yes" Demurs the elf, the tips of their ears blushing pink to match their cheeks.

Patting the gray-green sheets on the bed, the human asks, "Lie down for me?" and the elf acquiesces, laying down on her front and peeking back over her shoulder smittenly as the human continues to caress her ear.

page 4
"Mmh ~ah" The elf coos as the human sucks and nibbles on their ear.
"Other side?" Asks the human.

page 5
Now spooning, the human continues to luck and gently nibble at her elf lover's sensitive ear while letting her hands travel lower. The elf pulls her box shorts down, allowing the human hand to stroke and caress their vulva, while continuing to play with her ear.
"Perfect" Purrs a very satisfied elf.