Today’s comic is sexy, silly, and… snotty? Ripley LaCross is here to remind us that nothing feels better than a good sneeze. This story will definitely have you itching for more!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Spring Fever by Ripley LaCross is colored with a pink, purple, yellow, white, and black palette. It features a curvy femme person with shoulder-length messy blonde hair who wears a yellow and black-striped halter top and black jean shorts, we'll call her Bea. The other character is a thin masc person with long flowing black hair who wears jeans, a black tshirt, and an unbuttoned purple shirt over it with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows- we'll call him Flùr.

Page 1
A big bushy lilac tree is in full bloom and releasing pollen and spores into the air. Nestled in its branches is a bird sitting in their nest with their partner bird touching beaks with them. Bees and various particles drift through the air in a breeze, right past the open window in a pretty house that also has flowering gardening troughs(? Sorry, I don't remember the word) attached on the outside sill.

Narration: Spring has sprung and LOVE is in the air.

Now on the other side of the open window, we see a couple is lounging on a couch, playing on their phones. Their faces are mildly flushed across the cheeks and nose, and they sniffle intermittently. Crumpled up tissues litter the coffee table in front of them.

Narration: But much to the dismay of these two lovebirds-

Bea SNORFs loudly, failing to restrain the snot escaping from her nostrils.

Narration: -So is the pollen of every tree, grass, and flower. No matter.

"Hey." Flùr says flirtatiously with little hearts popping around his word balloon. He gestures at the fresh bulge blooming in his pants. A bouquet of flowers and hearts wreaths his head, in case you didn't pick up that he feels AMOROUS.

Narration: Seasonal allergies are no match for the instinctual desire to MATE.

A pink banner obscures part of the page with the text, "Read the rest on"

page 2
Narration: Like a thoughtfully choreographed dance, the suitor makes his move.

Flùr grabs his bulge, with more symbolically-horny flowers blossoming up on either side. He bites his lip as his own running nose snot flows freely towards his seductive mouth.

Narration: Cooing and purring his mating call, he makes a show of his impressive visage.

Flùr begins to pucker, looking angelically beautiful in-spite of the two snot streams curving around either side of his lips. Flowers continue to bloom around him.

A wet, gooey "HOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!!" fills the air as Bea sits upright, eyes squinched shut either from being startled or from allergies or both.

Continuing to look at Bea seductively, Flùr proffers the snotty, used tissue he just filled with the contents of his nose.

Narration: Will his beloved accept?

Without moving any other muscle, Flùr breaks into a giant shit-eating grin as Bea's panties slam into his face with a WAP!

Narration: SUCCESS. Today is a good day.

Page 3

Bleeding hearts and irises drape over the panel border as Bea clambers atop Flùr, her bare ass and a hint of vulva exposed to us.

Narration: There are, of course, still allergies to content with. But luckily for these two...

From under the couch, we see Bea's hand searching among the forgotten couch detritus including a mug, pen, papers, mail, a remote control, and then finally landing on a fresh box of tissue.

Narration: They prepared well in advance.

Pulling her striped shirt up high enough to show some nipple. "Woulb you still lub me ib I were a walbrus? (Would you still love me if I were a walrus?)" she asks, with each drippy nostril plugged with a twisted stick of tissue protruding from them like a handlebar mustache.

Narration: Using mimicry, she tests the strength of their bond. The strategy, though unconventional, appears to be effective.

"..." With genuine devotion in his eyes, Flùr answers, "...puck, you'd be a SEXY walbrus. (Fuck, you'd be a sexy walrus)"

Page 4
Narration: There's no time to waste.

A field of flowers erupts around the fucking couple.
Petals and pollen and bees drift by lazily overhead
while Flùr guides Bea's hips to sit down on his juicy
shlonger. They gasp and groan both in pleasure and
from allergies.

Narration: Fluctuating hormones and schedule mean that 'next time' could be days or even weeks away.

Cupping Bea's face (which still has the snot sticks in each nostril), Flùr coos, "I lub you so mush... (I love you so much)"

Narration: But that doesn't mean there's not time for flattery.

"Gob, your eyes are so priddy... (God, your eyes are so pretty)" Bea coos back, her own eyes puffy and discolored from the allergies wrecking havoc on her face. Her nose is bright red and swollen from the volume of snot escaping from her nostrils, inspite of the twisted sticks of tissue that she's wedged up in them to prevent exactly that from happening.

"Hha..." Bea moans again, but it's not exactly from pleasure. "AH-" Her head jerks back as her sinuses take over. "CHOO! AH-CHOO!!" she sneezes forcefully, spasming all of her muscles, including her pussy as it clenches down with superhuman strength on Flùr's thrusting thingus. "Oh yeah! Oh gob-! Jus like that-! I'm gonna, ah... Nng- AH-" He choruses back to her.

Page 5
The coupling reaches a dramatic climax with an operatic "AH- CHOO!!" and they fall backwards to their respective sides of their now-goopy couch.

Narration: ...And as quickly as it began, it's over. Yet another mating ritual come and gone with the wind. Our two lovebirds, now spent, will groom and begin their daily hunt for lunch."

"Is this lube? Or..." Asks Bea, examining a substance on her hand.
"...Let's just assume it's lube..." Flùr answers groggily, splayed out on the couch.

Narration: If they can muster the energy, anyway."
"...I want tacos." Bea announces, sitting upright, as Flùr begins to snore.