Oh Joy Sex Toy launched eleven years ago with a review of our trusted Magic Wand. Always there, through thick and thin, it’s a toy that’s helped make this site and change our lives.

As we celebrate a decade of Oh Joy Sex Toy, we invite you to read the stories our cartoonists have drawn about what this magical toy means to us all. We couldn’t be happier to announce that Magic Wand will be helping us hire another year’s worth of sex-positive artists through their generous sponsorship.

So read a comic and come be a part of our Magic Wand community.

Hitachi Magic Wand
Magic Wand Rechargeable
Magic Wand Plus & Mental Health
Pleasure Drive by Jem Milton
100 Percent by Michelle Lam
Figuring Out How To Orgasm by Bingo
Shorts by Kelly Bastow
Best Of 2022 & 2023
Destressing With The Magic Wand by Jey Pawlik
Masturbation Experiment with DB & The Magic Wand