Oh Joy Sex Toy (OJST) is the widely acclaimed free weekly sex education and sex positive webcomic that debuted in April 2013 and updates every Tuesday. Originally created by Matthew Nolan and Erika Moen, this comic collection now features the work of a variety of cartoonists, including two semi-permanent artists who contribute every month as part of the official OJST Team.

OJST comics cover everything sex related, including sexuality, the sex industry, toys, workshops, birth control and much more. With the aid of guest contributors sharing their many diverse perspectives, this site strives to be relevant to a wide variety of genders, body types, and sexualities.

OJST Introduction Comic

Over the last decade, OJST has produced a number of high quality books both through a combination of Kickstarting from our audience and traditional publishing with the Oni Press imprint, Limerence Press, including Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4


Check them all out in our stores!

So who are all these characters in the comic?

Say hello to our fictional and sexy Masturbateers! As explained in OJST’s debut strip, the Masturbateers are gender-neutral characters who portray the use of the sex toys that we are reviewing.


While we love our sex toys, we’re both modest exhibitionists, so we like to depict “the business” through these free-loving characters! Their pronouns as individuals are “They, Them and Their” and they refer to their genitalia by their medical, anatomical names. The Masturbateers’ sexuality is: Horny.

And whats up with the Snails?

The Anal Safety Snails (A.S.S) as we like to call them showed up a while ago in a fleshlight review. They are our impromptu mascots and reminders that when it comes to anal sex you need to, go slow, use lots of lube, and to stop if it hurts (anal sex shouldn’t ever hurt)!


Their amazing acronym was a lovely accidental coincidence! We love them, and you can expect them to show up often. We even have Tshirts, cards and stickers of them for sale!

Ok then, who are you guys?

We are Erika and Matt! Oh Joy Sex Toy is both of our full-time jobs!

transparent_ErikaIntroErika Moen is the co-writer and artist behind the creation of the strips.

She has been doing webcomics since she was 15 years old and has been a full-time, professional cartoonist and comic book creator at Helioscope Studio in Portland, OR since she was 25. She is a cisgender, white, able-bodied, queer lady who was born June, 1983 and has been happily married to Matthew Nolan since October 2008.

Her work has been published by Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Villard, BOOM! Studios, Penny Arcade and Scholastic, among others.

More of her work can be found at and her previous comic series are available at DAR! and Bucko.

transparent_MattIntroMatthew Nolan is a devastatingly handsome half-French, half-Australian man raised in England who has lived in the US since 2008 with his wife, Erika.

He co-writes, edits, and colors the OJST strips, manages all the business things related to making the comic profitable, creates and maintains the website, and is the contact person for all your contacting needs. He entrusts Erika to write his bios for him, sight unseen, because he trusts her to be more professional than to wax poetic about his amazing accent and that he is a silver fox with salt and pepper hair.

So you guys sell Sex Toys?

Yup in addition to sex education comics we do reviews of sex toys! We LOVE them, they are the best bedroom pals around, and want you to love them too!

We are proud to be affiliated with a variety of high quality retailers and pornographers and we try to keep an updated list of our favorites here, and in the menu bar under ‘Stores’.

Our associations with these company’s does not, however, cloud the honesty of our reviews.We try our best only ever express honest and genuine opinions and we will report on any potential negatives of products, along with the positives.



We run solely on the financial support generated through company affiliations, advertising, merchandise, and the individual support of readers. If you would like to support our sex educating work so we can continue to keep creating these comics full-time, please consider becoming our patron on Patreon.


Would you like us to review a product or event? Looking to begin a business relationship with OJST? Please use Matthew’s contact form.