Short and light little comic this week, as Erika and I prep to do some travel prep – I try my best to go back and see family every year when we can afford it!

Ok, so, I didn’t go in-depth on these condoms and I haven’t tried everything out there. The thing is, finding the right condom for YOU is a very personal thing. So much needs to be taken into account – your physical attributes, how you want it to look or feel, whether you want it to help or slow down your ejaculation and whatever else might be important. I wasn’t looking to make a be-all and end-all list of condoms here. Just show you what I’ve been trying recently and which ones have been making the cut into my personal condom box. If you’re on the hunt for YOUR condom – go ahead and give yourself permission to buy a bunch and sample them!

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Having said all that, I was CRAZY shocked at the 0.04 condoms. I didn’t think you could make a condom that felt so thin, and I didn’t expect it to make SUCH a difference in sensation. I’m super impressed. Apparently, the same company makes 0.01, 0.02 and 0.03 (both the name of the product and its thickness in millimeters), but they aren’t widely available, and gosh – I get paranoid that they’ll tear or rip when it gets THAT thin – so they become difficult to recommend. Plus I sort of feel like a condom shouldn’t ever cost more than a Buck?

I think next I’ll be trying the Aoni 001 condom’s see how that feels.

Why should I be trying condoms when Erika and I are both tested and fluid bonded? Well, I actually think they are super sexy? I don’t wear them all the time, but I like putting one on occasionally to switch things up. Plus they are just handy to have around. If you want to see some of my older condom reviews and read about my love-story for condoms check out my previous comic here!

Also check out our comic on the super different internal condom too!

Condoms I’ve tried and never really fallen for? Sir-Richards Condoms – despite being a good ethical choice, I just never brought more than one box, they just aren’t special enough. ONE condoms – I liked how these looked in the wrapper and that’s about it. Durex – I had ALOT of brand loyalty for Durex, having been raised in the UK, but they always just felt very regular. Reliable but regular. I guess that’s not as important for me anymore.

Good luck gang! Guest comics are up next week and the week after!

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Some folks have given me a heads up that a sea of lube prior to putting on a condom can put you at risk of increased condom-slipage! In previous comics I’ve always said a drop or two, and forgot to say it this time! So use your common sense – a few drops will help sensation but don’t go TOO crazy with the lube, or the condom might start slipping. Play safe friends!