Aka the Hismith Premium Quad Penetration Sex Machine.

This is a delightful four-hole-fucking-machine addition to any household.

There’s so much to cover with a fucking machine like this that even when we’re done there are still aspects and angles that I feel like we didn’t get to cover in-depth. The skinny of it? We frigging love this thing, but I have no idea how often we’ll have reason to use it. Maybe something to consider bringing for all the future post-Covid sex parties we’ll be sure to have? 0_o

How is it when there are two people attached to it at one time? Well, as much as we tried, we just couldn’t make that magic happen.

How ARE their Kliclok dildos? Perfectly average! We didn’t love ’em nor hate ’em. We just reached for our fav toys after a little bit of trying.

Why didn’t you like the masturbation sleeve? The material of the toy was unappealing and greasy, but you had to get up and adjust so often that it wasn’t -fun-.

Is the Kliclok system a deal-breaker? Nah, the adapter is almost a must-get to make the machine more universal. But even without it, I’m sure you can customize a toy or two to work with the Kliclok system and rods.

Did you try the App? Nope! We’re not keen on the idea of our privacy eventually being leaked through one of these online-toy-features – so we try to stay away from any ‘online’ toy functions when there’s a physical switch alternative!

All things said and done, if you’ve got a lot of cash, this is the best sex machine we’ve ever tried.

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