Oh my goodness, here we are! Very first page! I’m SO EXCITED.

First of all a giant thank you to my talented and lovely friend Amy T. Falcone for plucking the title “Oh Joy, Sex Toy” out of her delightful brain for me to use.

Thank you to Cory Casoni for all his website advice and Robert Khoo for helping me figure out I needed to make this my next project and thank you for a lot of other stuff too.

And most of all, thank you to Matthew Nolan for building this site, figuring out ads, cheerleading this project, reviewing products that I can’t, and just generally for enabling this entire ordeal to happen. This wouldn’t exist without him.

If there are any toys you’d like me to review, feel free to send me one! I’m also looking to develop affiliate and business relationships with sex stores and toy companies; if that sounds like you, please feel free to contact me!

And finally, if you are in Portland, OR this April 27 – 28, come visit me at the Stumptown Comics Fest at Table L10 and my two panels, Freelancer Panel on Saturday (April 27, 5pm, Room B116) and Queer Culture in Comics on Sunday (April 28, 4pm, Room B114)

↓ Comic Transcript
A white woman with a pixie cut hairstyle waves at the reader with one hand while holding a vibrating Hitachi Magic Wand in the other. She is displayed amidst a sea of sex toys. She says, “Hey! Welcome to Oh Joy Sex Toy! My name’s Erika and I think sex toys are pretty rad! After years of building up my personal collection and conducting - ahem - extensive field research, I want to share my hard won knowledge with you, dear perverts!”

She puts her hands out reassuringly. “Don’t worry, penis - havers -”

She pulls in her husband from off-panel, who is smiling and waving at the reader while holding a fleshlight in his other hand. “G’day!” he says. He is a white man with short black and grey hair and glasses.

“ - with the help of my devastatingly handsome husband, Matthew, I’ll also have reviews of toys for the body parts I lack. I’ll try to keep all the genital bases covered as best I can.”

Erika and Matthew stand off to the side together, while Erika gestures towards a group of naked, fictional people enjoying a wonderful variety of toys. She continues, “Though I am an enthusiastic user of vibrating objects, instead of drawing myself using the toys that I’ll be trying in real life, I’ll be depicting “the business” through the aid of The Masturbateers.”

She shrugs. “I guess you could call me a modest exhibitionist.”

“This lil’ comic will collect not just toy reviews but also my thoughts on anything else that relates to bodies, sex, sexuality and the sex industry.” Comical doodles of topics like “Porn”, “Pin-Ups”, “Erotica”, “Lingerie”, “Toys”, “Sex Clubs”, “Strip Clubs”, and “Festivals” surround her as she strikes a majestic pose on a giant, vibrating, dildo while the wind blows through her hair. “My interests are as varied as my thoughts are dirty.”

Erika smiles, holding an armful of vibrating toys. “So yeah! That about wraps ‘er up! Hope to see you perverts next week for my first review!

This comic was drawn April 26th, 2013 and transcribed December 30th, 2021, by Dennie Park, who can be found at linktr.ee/DeepBeeps