Let’s take a look at Demisexuality with Scribble Toon’s sweet slice-of-life anthropomorphic comic.

Demi is a branch on the Ace bough of the sexualities tree, and honestly every demisexual person will have a slightly different explanation for what it means to them. Our language is constantly changing and growing when it comes to finding words to express your sexual identity. Give it a google! If you see a bit of yourself in today’s comic, hold on to it. If it didn’t completely match up with your experience, then no worries! Throw yourself into researching this word online: it can be so incredibly validating to find a label and even a community that works for you.

I hope you enjoy seeing this slice-of-life comic. It feels so very human anthro, and I love it.
A huge thank you to Scribble Toons for this week’s comic!

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