Let’s take a look at Demisexuality with Scribble Toon’s sweet slice-of-life anthropomorphic comic.

Demi is a branch on the Ace bough of the sexualities tree, and honestly every demisexual person will have a slightly different explanation for what it means to them. Our language is constantly changing and growing when it comes to finding words to express your sexual identity. Give it a google! If you see a bit of yourself in today’s comic, hold on to it. If it didn’t completely match up with your experience, then no worries! Throw yourself into researching this word online: it can be so incredibly validating to find a label and even a community that works for you.

I hope you enjoy seeing this slice-of-life comic. It feels so very human anthro, and I love it.
A huge thank you to Scribble Toons for this week’s comic!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Today's comic, titled Demisexual is by Scribble Toons. It's drawn with anthropomorphic characters (who start the comic out naked!). There’s a brown-tan rabbit and a gray-looking cat. Both characters have penises. The scenario takes place in a Woodland Village, set during autumn, it’s a beautiful, warm, and playful setting.

Page 1
Rabbit - ‘OK! I need a break. That was amazing.’
The two of them ’Flomp’ onto their backs in a bed.

Rabbit - ‘I don’t know how you do it, but it’s always incredible with you.’
Cat - ‘Oh, thank you. That means a lot.’

Rabbit - ‘It’s funny though I’ve always found sex really awkward until we did it.’
Cat smirks back - ‘Well! I am a fantastic lover!’

We are shown the view outside of the room, a little bird sits on a branch looking back as the conversation continues.

Cat - ‘But, maybe the others weren't right for you? Or didn’t listen properly?’
Rabbit - ‘No, they were fine. It should’ve been good. But it was like something was missing. A spark… Or magic! Something I feel with you.’

Page 2
Cat gives Rabbit a quick little kiss before pushing them back on their back
Cat - ‘You said the others were all short relationships, right?’
Rabbit - ‘Oh yeah. We tried to get right to it. Not like us.’

Cat’s eyes open wide as they continue to listen
Rabbit - ‘We were friends for a long time before getting intimate. I feel like we’ve got a real emotional… connection.’

Cat - ‘Are you, Demi!?’

Rabbit grins, and waves their hand - ‘Pfffft! Oh sure! Demons are super hot! Vampires, however…’
Cat interrupts with a smirk - ‘What!? No! Demi! As in Demisexual!’

Cat spreads their arms wide, and behind them the universe expands
Cat - ‘Demisexual means someone who needs a strong emotional connection to feel sexual attraction. Which kind of sounds a bit like you there.’

Rabbit, sits up in interest - ‘Oh wow. That does sound a bit like me!’
Cat - ‘Right!’

Cat poops their nose against rabbit, who blushes
Cat - ‘But, all this talk of demons in the like…’

Page 3
Cat starts to kiss Rabbit’s, chest and over the next few panels starts to lower their head, as they start to reinitiate sexual play.

Cat - ‘… I might be ready to go again’
Rabbit grin but also looks away tentatively - ‘What…? Ah! Me too, Hah. But, aaah. First… Maybe you could tell me more?’
Cat - ‘You want me to talk dirty to you? ‘
Rabbit - ‘Ha ha no! I mean about this Demisexual thing!’

Cat whips up their head - ‘Oh, shoot! For sure!’

Cat throws pants at rabbit that hits them in the face.
Cat - ‘Put your pants back on, we’re going for a walk!’

The two of them are now outside in the woods clothed. Cat is spreading their arms wide to show off the environment as the two of them hold hands.

Cat - ‘All around us is a forest and sexuality is a lot like a forest. Under the canopy, it’s got hundreds of different types of labels for his nuances.’

We see a ladybug on a leaf.
Cat continues - ‘Just like our trees and plants, some are linked, some re similar, some unique! Demisexuality is like a branch attached to the asexuality tree. See how it moves by itself in the breeze? Demi is a bit like that. Moving in its own way.

Cat wraps their hand around Rabbit and walks them to the front of a giant tree, whos trunk dwarfs the couple.
Cat - ‘You see, Demisexual folk do feel sexual attraction, but only once an emotional bond has formed.’

Page 4
The camera focus is back in on the pair. Rabbit holds the side of their head as cat grins back at them.
Rabbit - ‘Oooh! That makes sense. I can see the similarities.’
Cat - ‘yeah?’

Over two panels, Cat walks up to a tea place built into the side of a tree. Lots of little woodland creatures are hanging out nearby. Cat buys some tea from a skunk.

As Cat comes back to Rabbit, Rabbit has a mildly sad look about them.
Rabbit - ‘Now that I think about it, experiencing sexual attraction has always been a bit… alien.’

Rabbit looks away in thought - ‘Even around folk, I knew were sexually attractive. I’ve felt neutral toward them. Empty…’

We are shown a flashback of Rabbit, hangout with friends, looking at a deer who flits across the page, Rabbits, friend, looks like a wolf.
Wolf - ‘You gonna make a move on her?’
An open-eyed rabbit replies - ‘Eh? No. I’m not feeling it.’
Wolf - ‘What!? You’re joking! She’s giving off vibes!’

Back in the present, Rabbit continues - ‘And when I try to make it work with someone new… Well… It wouldn’t.’

We’re shown another flashback, this time rabbit is being sexually intimate with a cute badger, Badger is giving Rabbit a hand job as Rabbit Sweats and looks away.
Badger - ‘Come whenever you want.’
Rabbit - ‘It doesn’t usually take this long.’
Badger - ‘Just relax. It’ll feel better. ‘

We snap back from the flashback to Cat holding their tea, as they pass a second tea to Rabbit
Cat - ‘But you feel different with me?’

Page 5
Rabbit talks over many flashbacks, all smashed together in one big panel, we are shown many moments of Rabbit and Cat, being best friends, camping, swimming playing in leaves, and even having sex at the very end.
Rabbit talks over the scene - ‘I do! We were friends for a long time before we became lovers.’
Cat - ‘That’s true! When you invited me home that first time. It felt so right! ‘

The two of them sit down at a table
Rabbit - ‘It’s funny when I think on it. I always thought you were cute, but I didn’t think about having sex with you until we spent all that time together.’

Cat has sparkles in their eyes as a reply - ‘Speak for yourself! I want it in your pants from the start!’
The lean back - ‘But, I must admit, I didn’t get the vibe you wanted more until we’d been together so long. That’s why I waited.’

Rabbit reaches over and squeeze cat’s hands - ‘I’m glad you did. It really helped me develop the emotional connection I needed.’

Cat smiles back - ‘And how do you feel about your new label now?’

Rabbit’s ears perk up and they smile happily back - ‘Good! It fits me pretty well. I understand it and feel seen. Thank you.’

The comic ends with Cat, flirting back and Rabbit, playfully looking away.
Cat - ‘Well, then, how about we head back. Want to make some more “emotional connections”?’
Rabbit surrounded by hearts - ‘Ha ha ha. Yes!’

Today's comic was drawn on 5/16/23 by Scribble Toons, who can be found at https://www.scribbletoons.com/
It was ten transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 04/12/24
And was only made possible with the support of our Patreon; https://www.patreon.com/OhJoySexToy