A happy Postpartum Valentine’s Day, friends!

Marissa and Neil Kohney are both here showing us all how they keep things sexy after becoming parents. Amazingly funny, honest, and real – it legit had Erika and me cracking up reading it whenever we’d get sent an update.

Neil makes some pretty wild and amazing comics and is worth a follow!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Today’s autobiographic comic is drawn and written by Neil Kohney whos pronouns are he/him and Marissa Kohney, who's pronouns are she/her.
Neil is depicted as pretty fit, with a short blonde curly hair, and Marissa is slightly shorter and has brown shoulder-length hair. The couple are fair-skinned and seem to be in their early middle ages.
Today's comic jumps around a little bit in time and places as it depicts, their postpartum odyssey together as new parents.

Panel one opens up with Neil and Marissa in a hospital bed having just given birth, both are grinning, eyes a little crossed, both looking disheveled and obviously zapped.
Narration - ‘Congratulations you’ve just had a beautiful little baby! Now, you’re probably thinking that you’ll never want to have sex again after that tiny angel, with a giant monster head ripped its way through your erstwhile sexual playground…’

‘So, more good news! The doctor has decreed you and your partner sexless for at least six weeks’
A doctor looks at the couple before saying
'No penetration until your cervix closes up'
Marissa - 'Fine by me'
Neil - 'Having witnessed what just happened here I too I’m fine.'

Narration - 'But a week into your celibacy, you may find yourself wanting to get bangin'.'Marissa sat on her couch, looks at her partner feeding the baby. His eyes are drifting, drool slowly creeps from his mouth, his clothes, obviously old are out of place. She squints as the camera zooms in on his crotch. before it pulls back out to show her biting her lip.
Narration - 'But the fear of a cervical infection, or tearing, is enough to deter you.'

Page 2
The couple are in bed naked, Neil is about to go down on his partner, and his eyes are wide
Narration - 'To tide everyone over, hands and mouths start getting a lot more play. But it’s not quite the same. '
Marissa - 'What’s wrong? Does it look bad?'
Neil - 'Nope, great. Looks the same as before, honestly.'

The couple are leaping up in the air
Narration - 'Nevertheless, after your six-week appointment, you’re cleared for takeoff!'

Marissa looks at herself partially nude in the mirror, her body has taken some obvious post-baby natural wear and tear. She looks upon stretch marks, worn-out breasts, and a bit of postpartum tummy pooch. 
Narration - 'But things feel different. Your body feels squishy, showering is a distant memory, and you’ve never felt so exhausted. Who are you anymore?'

Marissa pulls at her tummy with an unpleased expression she thinks to herself
'How is there this much extra skin?'

Page 3Marissa enters the bedroom, a little apprehensive, covering herself in a robe. In front of her is a naked Neil splayed out ready for action on top of the bed.
Narration - 'You might feel self-conscious, but never fret, friend. You are most definitely your own harshest critic.'
Neil - 'Take that thing off, beautiful!'

Together on the bed, we see Neil knelt between Marissa‘s legs, squirting copious amounts of lube in between them. Even for a comic the amount of lube is especially ludicrous.
Narration - 'Fears give way to fucking, as you melt back into each other. As long as you use lube. Lots and lots of lube.'
Neil - 'More?'
Marissa - 'Little more.'

Narration - 'you figure shit out together like you did when you were first hooking up. And just like then, communication is key.'
The couple switches up their positions. Neil is now behind Marissa in a doggy-style position as he reach's to the side.
Marissa - 'little softer… And maybe a little more lube.'
Neil - 'On it.'

Narration - 'And if you happen to be a breast-feeding, parent, buckle up for some extra hurdles, baby.'
Marissa is now on top of Neil, one of her breasts is very obviously more worn out than the other
Neil - 'The baby has a preference, I see.'
Marissa - 'Yeah, lefty is very tired. Please avoid staring and give her some space.'

Page 4

Narration - 'Like the entire human experience, it can be daunting exhausting, weird, and kind of gross. But if everyone’s up for it, your new, lactation powers can be a fun addition to the bedroom or even just a handy signal.'
We see Neil getting soaked by a fountain of two milk streams.
Marissa - 'I’m close...'
Neil - 'Yeah, I can tell.'

We cut to a different time. Marissa is on the couch, wearing sweatpants, pumping one of her breasts with a milk pump. Niels entered the room without his pants on, looking at the scene.
Narration - 'Just remember, it’s OK if you’re libido isn’t playing ball every day. '
Marissa - 'I want to, but I don’t want to, you know.'Neil - 'He understands.'

Narration - 'And sometimes, even if everything lines up, the baby still gets in the way.'
Marissa is grabbing Neil’s hand and throwing it onto her crotch as the baby wales in the background.
Marissa - 'I haven’t come in six days, you’re finishing this!'
Neil - 'Uhhh…'

The couple are now partially naked, holding each other on the couch as they eat takeaway, clothes strewn about. 
Narration - 'But after a while, you find a new sense of normal.'

Page 5
Niel and Marrisa visit their sleeping child in its bedroom. 
Narration - 'The baby becomes a kid and learns to sleep through the night.'

Now the couple are out having coffee together looking happy
Narration - 'You get your autonomy back, little by little, and feel more like a human being.'
Marissa - 'Thank God for preschool!'

We see them having sexy antics again, as Marissa is squatting between Neil's legs.
Narration - 'You and your partner ease into your new identities as parents, and as lovers who are also parents.'
Marissa - 'Is it weird if I call you “daddy“?'
Neil - 'Just don’t follow up with “I want a juice box“ and I’m good.'

Narration - 'And then, when you least expect it… Bam!'The final panel is a picture of someone holding up a positive pregnancy test
Narration - 'Well at least pregnancy sex rocks.'


Today's Postpartum Odyssey was written by both Marrissa and Neil Kohney, before Neil drew it! Neil's a prolific cartoonist who can be found primarily on https://www.instagram.com/neilkohney/
The comic was then transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 2/12/24!

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