Does the perfect Dom exist? Rhu encourages us all to think about it with his wonderful autobio comic on the power of imagination.

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↓ Comic Transcript
Page 1
Imaginary Dom by Rhu *

Rhu is self described as; transmasc, a small/feminine/twink trans guy with a small pre-op chest, and messy blond hair.

Narration: I have always been curious about kink and BDSM.
IMAGE: Wearing a t-shirt, Rhu pantomimes asking his partners about kink and BDSM, with his partners pantomiming their disinterest.

Narration: However, non of my partners shared that interest with me.
IMAGE: At a kinky dungeon scene, Rhu stands awkwardly in the center, looking at all the other people getting spanked and tied up and collared. He wears a short black dress and thigh-high black boots.

Narration: Having an open relationship meant I could look for play partners elsewhere but I had little luck.
IMAGE: Rhu, back in his t-shirt from before, sits hunched over a table with his head in his hands, reading messages popping up out of his laptop screen. The messages say, "Hey, sexy!", "Wanna meet?" and a bunch of word balloons containing only a red flag.

Narration: And then...
"Why is my body like thiiiiis....?" Rhu bemoans, head in hands, as little blue-pink-white trans flags and cracking eggs fill up the air around him.
Narration: ...things got even more complicated when I realized I wasn't exactly cisgender.

Page 2
Narration: You'd think finding a play partner would be easy enough.
Image: Rhu, now dressed in a baggy brown hoody, slumps at their table, scrolling through their options on the laptop as red flag after red flag pops up from his screen.

Narration: But no one I talked to seemed to be the right fit.
Image: Rhu casually glances at a box of sex toys that are just barely visible in the frame now.

Narration: That was when I had an idea..."
Image: Rhu remains in exactly the same position, eyes cast at the box of toys, but now he smiles mischievously as a little floating lightbulb lights up over his head.

Image: Rhu lifts up his hoody, exposing his small pre-op chest. He bites his lip as he closes a clothespin-like clamp down onto his nipple and then giving it a tentative tug.
Narration: There was nothing stopping me from trying things on my own. And so I started incorporating a little of the spice I was missing in my self-love sessions.

Page 3
Image: We see a montage of a fully nude Rhu trying out various BDSM practices.
"Over here, under there..." He says aloud to himself as he ties a rope harness behind his back.
"Oh..." He says inquisitively as he taps a cane against his bare ass. "Okay like that."
With a ball bag in his month and a leather collar on his neck, he ties a blindfold over his eyes.

Finally he sighs as he flomps in defeat onto the floor, surrounded by a dildo, rope, ball gag, vibrator, and butt plug.
Narration: I still felt like I was missing out on something though.

Page 4
Narration: I wanted a Dom because I wanted the role play.
Image: Rhu sits upright, using a vibrator between his legs and looking dissatisfied.

Imaginary voice: Turn it up a bit for me.
Image: An imaginary arm extends into the scene, lifting up Rhu's chin.

Narration: And role play was just a matter of immersing myself in a fantasy.
"Just a little longer" The imaginary person says as they pull Rhu's head upwards by the hair and wrap an imaginary hand around his neck.

"Good boy." The imaginary Dom says with a pat on Rhu's head as he catches his breath and pulls away the vibrator.
Narration: Why not make up a fantasy Dom, then?

A handsome masculine Dom stares us down with their arms folded. They have a shaggy brunette mop of bags, thick eyebrows, and wear a black button-down collared shirt, belt, and jeans.
"Going out?" The Dom asks while Rhu lustily looks a the coil of rope in his hands. "Wear this so you know what awaits you after." Rhu ties the rope into a harness around his chest. "Here, if you want to earn a reward later." Rhu smiles naughtily at the silver butt plug in his hand.
Narration: With an imaginary Dom I didn't have to wait until I found a partner I trusted to practice BDSM with.

Page 5
Narration: My Dom felt like a safe test run.
Image: A fully nude Rhu sits down onto a dildo that is standing upright on the floor.

"Good boy." The Dom says while standing behind Rhu, resting a hand on his shoulder and the top of his head reassuringly once he's sat all the way down on the dildo.
Narration: I wasn't beholden to anyone.

The Dom pulls Rhu's head back, asking "Aren't you loud?", as he pants and groans.
Image: Rhu reaches behind himself, towards a ball gag. The Dom is not there.

Narration: Everything I did was on my terms and my terms alone."
Image: The Dom re-materializes behind Rhu again, securing the ball gag behind his head as Rhu's hands do the same.

Narration: And the bonus? He always wanted exactly what I wanted.
Image: The Dom crouches behind the kneeling Rhu (dildo solidly inserted into him), wrapping his hand over Rhu's own hands that are gripping his neck and pressed over his genitals.

Narration: I still hope I will find a real Dom one day, but till then I am perfectly content with my imaginary Dom.
Image: Sitting on the ground with the dildo and ball gag removed, Rhu wraps his arms around himself while his Imaginary Dom overlays his arms over Rhu's, while also straddling the naked Rhu between his legs. Rhu looks at peace and content.

by Rhu, who can be found at;
Transcribed May 13, 2024 by the team.
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