We’re mostly back from our breaaaaaak! Finally feeling our way back into comics, after a doozy of a 2019.

This next year we’re hoping to spend about half our time on Oh Joy Sex Toy (the other half being guest comics) as Erika explores new ideas on her Patreon. We’ll see how it goes as we find our sea legs. Unfortunately, straight out of the gate, we’ve got a ton of copy-editing to get done on Let’s Talk About It, the Random House book we built last year. Soooo you might be seeing more guests pop up sooner rather than later. But that’s always the luck of it, right?

Bidettttts. Are. Amazing.

When I was a child my home had a legit porcline bidet sat next to the toilet. I never really understood it or used it (other than to wash my feet in). Now I wish I had gotten propperly aquainted with it. Then my friend brought into the Bidet attachment craze, and we’ve (slowly) become converts along side him. Legitimately, we’ve never been cleaner. When we decided to buy one for ourself we were still skeptical, so picked up the cheapest thing out there, jusssst incase we didn’t like it.

In hind sight, I might have opted for a higher quality one (like the fancy ones from Tushy), something that lets you change the angle of the nozzle. Thats the model our pal has. But beyond that, I don’t think you really need to go in for a model that has any more bells and whistles attached, I guess you could go for a warm water model, but honestly you get pretty aquainted with the cold water, it feels clean!

Anyway, if you’ve been sitting on the idea of getting one of these to try, or your a person who just can’t ever get a clean wipe back there, OR just love your ass. We really really recommend you pick one up to try. The cheapo model we picked up won’t break the bank and is hella worth it.