Happy Valentine’s friends! We thought we’d drop you a sexy fun comic this year. Hope you all like it.

Todays super NSFW and horny comic comes from our old housemate and Helioscope member Rich Ellis. Just in time for this year’s Valentines. We hope you like it – it was a ton of fun to get his scripts and pencils in and see the thing progress. I’m glad I finally get to share it with you all. If this doesn’t sate your hunger for smutty comics, go dive into our horny-comics-category!

Don’t forget to take a peek at Rich’s sites and leave him a nice comment if you liked today’s strip!

Nothing much to update over here – we’ve been getting in our copy edits this past week, and it’s 50/50 if we’ll have a guest comic or an Erika and Matt review next Tuesday. Either way, Erikas hoping to have a bit of time this week to work on other things. Which shes planning on sharing with Patreon backers in the near future.