A lil’ review comic for all of you! It’s been a while since we’ve done one – hope you like it! It was pretty fun for us to dive back on in.

Today is Satisfyer’s Yummy Sunshine, a solid vibrating dildo, that Erika really enjoyed. It totes gets our thumbs up and recommendations. Like, if your a vibrating dildo kinda person, who’s shopping around, it feels like a no-brainer-go-get!

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And, finally while we much prefer and encourage you to buy from a small
business, here’s an Amazon link!

It’s kinda wild, toward the end of last year we got put onto Satifyer’s PR list, and quickly became inundated with their new works (they had only been previously known to us by their suction toys). As 2020 rolled into town I think we had a literal a pile of Satisfyers =D. After trying a few of them out we became SUPER impressed. These are really high-quality toys, at REALLY good prices. Not many of our stores are stocking from the line yet (as they are pretty new), but hopefully, they start to get pick them up – we loved everything about ’em (especially this delightlful hippo one, that has a very good little gspot curve to it – DELIGHTFUL).

Super excited to see what comes from this company later on. If this is their opening line up, I can’t wait to see what they might do with their more experimental future toys.