A great and hilarious resource – some of the best sex ed out there!
Dan Savage

Our parents had The Joy of Sex, we have the next generation of totally balls-out (and vulva-out!) candidness in Oh Joy Sex Toy!! Oh Joy Sex Toy is sui generis… there may not be a book in print simultaneously this honest, this educational, and THIS HILARIOUS. Even if you don’t masturbate, the pages of this book will probably change your mind. Free at last, free at last, god almighty we are free from whack-off shame at last!!! From page one you must ask yourself: did I just really read that? YES YOU DID. Liberating, liberating, LIBERATING!!!
Amanda Palmer

Erika Moen is fucking amazing and Oh Joy Sex Toy will change your life for the better.
PhD Emily Nagoski

This is a sex-positive gulp of fresh air.
Publishers Weekly

It is written and drawn with such gosh-darn sweet enthusiasm by Erika Moen (with the occasional guest-shot from husband Matthew, who provides a dude’s perspective) that even if your tastes are tamer than Moen’s, I think you’ll find it a perfectly wonderful read.
Cory Doctorow

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Erika Moen’s Oh Joy Sex Toy is a revolution in laughter and a hardcore exploration of the orgasm. It’s a refreshingly frank comic strip about vaginas, sex toys and human sexuality.
Rich Goldstein

They make sex ed so freakishly entertaining, I don’t even care I’m learning something.
Sex Nerd Sandra

The surprise is how compulsively readable Erika Moen’s wonderful tour of the wonderful world of wonderful toys is—she’s like a naughty Leonard Maltin set loose in an adults-only episode of ‘Jackass.’ Sex positive AND comics positive. My two favorites.
Matt Fraction

The information is so good and thorough and the reviews are charming and honest. It really is the best thing since the Hitachi Magic Wand!
Searah, Early To Bed

Like good sex, it’s goofy fun that might just make the reader’s life better.
★ Starred Publishers Weekly Review

Awards & Accolades

I think this Oh Joy Sex Toy thing that Erika Moen is doing is really awesome.

Unfailingly sprightly and positive, week in and week out.
The Comics Journal

Imaginative, grounded in research, non-judgmental and entertaining. Highly recommended.
Dale Cooper

Erika’s comics are such a joy to read.
Lucy Knisley

I hope everyone, everywhere, is lucky enough to find Oh Joy Sex Toy… and laugh while learning something new.
Jiz Lee

They have raised the bar on sex education with fun comics, nerdy jokes, and tons of radical inclusivity.
Sinclair Sexsmith

Warmly conversational as you can get… the kind of book of book you can give a randy-but-clueless friend.
Fiona McCann, Portland Monthly Magazine

Humorous and always full of heart… I absolutely recommend this book for those curious about sex, sexuality and more.
Amanda Conley, Fangirlnation

Moen reminds us that sex should be fun, funny, and safe, and her work is absolutely essential reading.
Emma Lawson, Comics Alliance

Oh Joy Sex Toy is the sexual education that everyone in the world needs. One of the most queer-friendly, colorful, and out-right positive webcomics out there.
Tara Marie, Comics Alliance


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