I am so excited to share today’s review with you all. From the very first moment I got the tracking number to the first time I switched it on, this has been a delight: A real future toy straight out of my pornographic dreams.

Thank you F-Machine for sending us your best and thank you Fleshlight and Fleshjack for dropping us some new dildos to use in tandem. Erika and I have been smitten kittens ever since it showed up, even though Erika’s only been up for watching thus far. We might end up doing a short update review a bit further down the road when Erika’s managed to put some miles into this cutie. The Pro 3 will proudly stay assembled and on our landing. For the moment you’ll have to settle with my review and opinion, which is (if you got the interest and the cash): absolutely get this thing and go grab a drill bit or a new dildo (with a hole) while you’re at it.

Hope you enjoyed today’s review – I think this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to showing myself having sex in the comic?! So I was a bit nervous when I wrote up the script – but I couldn’t NOT comic about the flapjack face sneeze, which happened verbatim.