We’re not strangers to weird and wacky emails, so when Erika first got an email from SofiaGray.com about working together, she just assumed they wanted a pair of her used undies.

Imagine our surprise when it turned out they had a fully finished comic to give us! This is totally new – we usually commission individual comic artists and work with them at every stage to make us comics and reviews. We’ve never had a company just present us with a finished comic, out of the blue. A comic on a subject we hadn’t considered yet, in a funny set up, and by an amazing Italian artist I hadn’t known previously – it’s a dream come true scenario!

Ok, so. Some caveats to today’s comic!
– This comic isn’t an OJST review, we didn’t make or work on it.
– We personally haven’t tested or tried the services at SofiaGray.com, so we can’t attest to it. But our contact with the team there has been just lovely and the site looks awesome. We’re happy to generally endorse the practice of selling used undies and the people who take part in it – it’s harmless good fun.
– This comic isn’t a how-to-sell-panties comic. It’s just a slice of sexy comedy. You can and should visit SofiaGray.com for the how-to if this catches your interest.
– Today’s comic is fiction, buying panties doesn’t mean you’ll be sparking romantic relationships in real life through the used-panties trade. Treat others respectfully and practice good sexting etiquette, ask if the person on the other end of the screen wants to talk saucy before you dive.

That all being said, here are some links to both SofiaGray.com AND the artist Gabriele Falzone (who did an insanely good job):

Today’s comic is well-timed and nets us another work week on the Random House Book, Let’s Talk About It. Having that extra time means less stress, which is a godsend, right now. If you’re interested, Erika’s been posting a bit about her current mental health trubs on Patreon with some old school journal comics. It’s worth a read if you’re interested in how we’re doing (the skinny is: rough, surviving, one-day-at-a-time).

As always thank you for reading our comics and supporting what we do <3

EDIT August 19
We edited the ending to today’s comic to better line up with the overall tone of our site. The comic is still fun and just gorgeously drawn and we’ll aim to curate a bit better in the future.