In a marble statue of an angel* carved over 350 years ago, Em Hoover sees his present-day, flesh and blood partner. Their beautiful form of masculinity spans the centuries, inspiring reverence and love from their admirers, from Venetian art patrons to a queer cartoonist in Texas who is experiencing the holiness of falling in love with his partner.
*The Ecstasy of Saint Teresas by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1652

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↓ Comic Transcript

Page one starts with a beautifully rendered picture of the statue of Saint Teeresa, holding an arrow made of golden light. The narration covers this comic and it’s all drawn in blues and yellows with characters looking very classical and statue-like.
Narration “When I first saw the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa I knew that Angel was you”

“That was your soft face, your curves, in marble."
We see a pretty face! Followed by the X and Y symbol.
“The world seems to have its own idea of what a boy is.”

A curvy, statuesque figure lays in a bed with wings.
“But it’s you. It’s us.”

Page 2
The statuesque figure is natural drawn and a little more human and alive now. He's a curvy trans man sitting in the bathtub, radiating yellow glows like a religious painting
“I know you think it’s silly when I snap photos of you in the bath-”

“-in bed-”
The person is now lying back in bed. He's rolled over so that we can see his butt, as he spoons a plushy! He quickly gets up and stands out of bed in some PJs while checking the phone.
“-lounging unposed-”

In a similar position, this person is now dressed in armor and flowing garments, regal and classical, holding a sword. 
“But you look truly classical. The culmination of every God, Saint, and angel I studied in our history.”

The angelic figure is joined by another, the scene is intimate as the newcomer lovingly grasps the angel's breast
“Please, pierce me with your arrow."

Page 3
“Alone in this room, we can be completely ourselves. There are no boundaries to what a boy is here.”
The naked figures embrace and lay down, as if about to kiss, they are angelic with their wings, and halos.

The two bodies start to drip and sweat in delight
“ We know a boy is breasts, curves, and wet flesh.”

We see golden leaves, falling away from the clouds
“A boy melts into his lover and treasures the divinity he finds.”

The camera pulls back, for a close-up of their faces and we see the two of them kiss
"Thank you for filling me up. Thank you for letting me in.”
Page 4

The two fall asleep in the clouds, one holding the other's head, while he contemplates.
“In the afterward, I think about how the world is missing out. In their search for the impossible, they try to render us invisible.”

The camera pulls back again, and we see the first angelic character again laying down in cloud-like pillows, surrounded by gold, as the narrator starts to finish the comic “But no set of rules or standards can rival what faith reveals.”

“Because if you aren’t a boy, then they must not exist at all.”
The comic ends with the two of them, now, very much statuesque one holding the other's head in their hand.


Today's wonderfully poetic comic was written and drawn by Em Hoover who can be found at
It was then transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 12/18/23 who tried his best to capture a bit of the magic Em was putting down!

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