Taking submissions!

BASE RATE: $140 per page.
WORKED WITH US BEFORE: +$20 per page.
SEX TOY REVIEW: +$10 per page.

Comics are creator-owned, so you keep all the rights.

Each year we post about 25+ guest comics on Oh Joy Sex Toy (OJST). They let us add much-needed diversity and different expertise to our collection, while also giving us a reprieve. We pay for all our guest comics and work hard to make sure the comics we showcase are of high quality and standard.

A guest comic is a lengthy process. We’re very particular about what gets shown on our site: from topic to language to scripting to final hand-in files. On average, one guest comic is almost 30 emails of back and forth work between us and our artist. It’s often a big undertaking! So before you apply, please consider if you’re ready for this sort of commitment.

If you’re game, this page is here to help you submit a guest comic pitch to us and for us to explain the process.

What’s the Guest Comic Deal?

– Each guest comic is 4-5 pages (9.5″ x 14.5″ 600dpi) that we stitch together into one long scrolling image for the website.

– The work is creator-owned (You keep the rights to your work and can use and profit from it elsewhere. You just grant us a non-exclusive license to also use it.

– Comics need to have atleast a simple coloring scheme.

– Comics may end up in a collected book or anthology, which, in addition to receiving a complimentary copy of, you’ll also have the option to buy additional copies at cost to sell wherever you please.

So, How Do I Apply!?

Well, first you must meet these criteria for your story pitch to be considered:

– You must have a strong body of comics work.
– You must be able to write AND draw the comic. We rarely take writer/artist duos.
– You must have professional work practices (communicate well) and public protocol (if your social media accounts are filled with nastiness, we probably turn you down!)
– Your ideas must be for a new comic made for OJST (we rarely accept previously-made work), and stand-alone (doesn’t need additional context to work).

If you meet those criteria, next up is sending us the RIGHT ideas.


Your Ideas

Your comic ideas can be about whatever you want: educational, autobiographical, pornographic, review a sex toy, etc.– seriously, whatever. It doesn’t have to be explicitly sexual! You could make a guide for holding hands or having a crush or talking about your first kiss, for example. If you want to do a comic on a sex toy, sex ed, or kink, we do require it to be something you have had experience with.

Since people come to the site expecting education we’re not looking for opinion, essay or theoretical pieces. Factual, real and honest is what we’re looking for unless you’re creating something completely fictitious.

Some ideas ARE better for OJST than others, so while we’ll happily accept pitches of all kinds, you’re going to get BONUS points if your pitch is:
+++ Kinks
++ Sex education, especially on something we’ve not covered yet! (or been a while since it was last covered)
++ Toy reviews of something stocked at one of the stores we have listed
+ Upbeat autobio / personal adventure stories
+ Super sexy

We won’t accept comic pitches on sexual assault, scat, pedophilia, bestiality, or anything of a sexually negative or shaming nature.

The Oh Joy Sex Toy Brand

We’re always tweaking with the recipe, we want to avoid being too formulaic! That being said there is an over-arching ‘brand’ and style that’s important to consider when making a pitch. We don’t want ideas that play contrary to the core direction of OJST.

Oh Joy Sex Toy is:

Sex positive
– Friendly and approachable
– Respectful
– Funny and slap-stick
– Conversational (the sort of language and tone you would use if a friend approached you about sex advice at your fav coffee shop.)


How to Pitch

Here’s what we’re looking for in your story pitch!

Send us an email with:
– A link to your body of comic work
– Short description of who you are
– Links to some of your social networks
– SEVERAL short ideas (just a sentence long per idea!)

Short and simple! Don’t send fully-made comics or scripts. Just ideas and an introduction!

What Happens Next?

-Expanded Pitch
-Rough Art
-Final Line Art
-Final Files

You ought to hear back from us pretty quickly after you submit your pitch.

If we approve of an idea, we’ll have you sign a contract and send you the three-page how-to document that explains everything from file format to good-font-size and correct word ballooning. So be prepared to be flexible in how you regularly make comics.

Once you’re all signed up and the idea is approved, you’ll script and send it to us for feedback. Sometimes scripts need a lot of work to get them right for the tone of our site, so this bit is usually the most feedback-heavy part.

When the script is approved, then it’s onto the thumbnails (Very rough sketches that give a general placement of what each page will look like.). Once your thumbnails have been approved, get on making the comic! You’ll need to show us your work at each stage of your process for approval.

Payment is made upon final delivery of the unflattened working files/pages. We’ll stitch them together into the long scrolling format that’ll appear on the site, so you don’t need to worry about that.

This whole guest comic process from pitch to final art takes about 2-3 months on average.

Still want to apply?

You brave soul, you!
Email Matthew here with your pitch:
Matthew Daniel Nolan at gmail dat com

Good luck!