Hien Pham goes to a Kink Event and journals all about it in today’s sweet, intimate and community rich, fur-comic. Learn a little about this kinky space by sitting on Hien’s shoulder as he tells you how much his heart sings at the things being shown. Personally, that upside-down shibari-hare-spiderman kiss just has me buzzing. It’s stunning =D

Hien’s Notes:
Thank you to everyone who contributed their fursonas to this funky little comic – especially my wonderful Patreon patrons and the OJST team! I’ve also been receiving some really lovely and kind words about my work and I wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who sent some my way! I have so many more stories to tell and so much more to show and I can’t wait for y’all to see!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Hien Pham is drawn as a wooly furry anthropomorphic male, cis gay bear, in this dark and blue autobiographical comic! The comic opens with him looking at a carnival-style attraction, depicting an octopus whipping a very happy cow.

Hien Narrates throughout this comic, alongside visual depictions.
Hien: 'I went to a kinky event recently! One outside of my usual circles… Which I was quite nervous about.'

The camera shows Hien, dressed and roped about to enter the event.
'I was afraid I wasn’t kinky enough, even though I had spent hours putting on a Shibari harness of my own design.'

A sweating nervous Hien signs some forms in front of a wolf-welcomer.
'Before heading in, we were asked to sign terms and conditions to protect everyone’s privacy! This entire comic has been fictionalized for that very purpose!'

Hien runs into a Bull who happily chitty-chats.
'Afterward, a staff member came up and complimented me on my rope work!
The exchange quickly reminded me that I’m amongst kindred spirits.'

And then run's into a wolf friend dressed to the nines, wearing netting, piercings, and a chest harness! The wolf waves his buddy over!
'By the time I found a friend to tag along with, my anxiety was extinguished, and I was excited for the rest of the night!'

Page 2 is a FULL page illustration of a look down at a where-waldo-style depiction of the event! There are little kinky furs everywhere! From Shrew to Fox everyone's here, happy to be poking around and exploring the space. It's adorable, sexy and gosh I want to go!

Subtitles with text cover the smorgasbord of details.
Dungeon space
Hey, folks sign up for sensory experiences, spankings, and all manner of kinky play!

Local makers
Going through here reminds me of wanting to get my ears pierced, but I’m still scared of the pain and maintenance…

Bar area
Themed drinks and cocktails! I don’t drink, so I just got a pint of lemonade and drank water out of it the whole night.

Gear exhibition
A showcase of different game materials, like leather, Robert, spandex, and more! Made me want to write a comic about Jabari rope textures!

Performance stage
This was the highlight of the night! My friends and I spent most of our time here, watching with staring eyes!

Page 3 and things are getting saucy, we are now back in the room with Hien as he watches a polar bear do some Burlesque.
'We got to see some incredible burlesque! I wasn’t super familiar with the art form, but I sat awestruck and cheered the entire time.'

We're shown some fire-play on an arm, and a close-up of a corset, before we dive into an intimate moment between a Hare and their dommy bear. One aggressively licking/kissing the other. Rope and ties abound!
'The performer's confidence was so electric infectious that I couldn’t help but appreciate my own body that much more.'

'More daring ask involving edge play like breath control all had content warnings announced beforehand.'

'There’s always a degree of care, deeply infused and kink and fetish that really speaks to me.'

'And nothing spoke to me more than the Shibari performances'

Page 4 starts as the hare is roped, kissed, and hoisted up into the air. A small Hien watches in Awe, as this celebration of body and partnership is performed.
'I started crying within the first minutes of the act, and I could not stop.
The aftercare I was going to wreck me.'

'The emotional core of Shibari is all about surrender. A trust fall elaborated.
Something I’ve never quite done.'

Hien's face is covered in tears, as he watches the two performers intimately kiss.
'What does it feel like?
To know that everything is going to be OK in the end?'

Page 5 starts, with lighter and bright panels and jovial spirited fur's amuck! A raccoon and hyena have a light whip touch them and are delighted.
'Kink and fetish, to me, feel like a process of falling. A process of falling in love with my body, and all the things that can experience.'

A chicken and separate hyena GASP, as they watch a big butt, get smacked in front of them
'It’s a process of falling out of shame, and it’s a pleasure. I’ve letting guilt full away from desire.'

We snap to Bear Hien talking with a Buffalo who's holding the leash to a tied-up and blindfolded raccoon.
'It’s hard to believe it’s only been two years since I started falling.
I’m thankful for the friends who continue to show me how to feel safe, saying, and consensually.'

The comic ends on Hien's big bear face, closed-eyed in glee.
'I’m having a great time, and I’m in no particular hurry to land.'

Today's comic was made by Hien Pham who can be found at hienpham.artstation.com
It was then transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 12/04/23 who's still just trying his best at transcribing things!

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