Today I’m reviewing the Gee Whizzard by Vixen Creations, a Magic Wand Attachment that’s leveled up my sexy adventures!

This was such a magical addition to the Rechargeable Magic Wand that has cemented itself as my most used toy. I did some toy research well before making this comic and I had no idea there were add-ons for the magic wand, so when I saw this online I knew I had to give it a try!

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Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY

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Matthew here!
It looks like the Gee Whizzard can be a hard-to-find item! That happens with Vixen Creations; they’re a small team who makes small but high-quality runs for their toys! I found Shebop and Come As You Are (CA) have the Gee Whizzard in stock. But, would recommend shopping around if they’re sold out – there’s are also a few similar variants out there like the ‘Gee Whiz’ so just search for ‘Vixen’ when you’re on the hunt and see what you can find.

And heck, if you want more of our reviews of what is STILL Erika and mines fav silicone-toy-makers, Vixen Creations, read our hot-takes here!

Finally; here are some links to Erika’s reviews of the amazing Magic Wand (2013) & Magic Wand Rechargeable (2015) & Magic Wand Plus (2019)! All three are amazing toys that we still use, love dearly, and are made to fit the Gee-Whizzard.