A sexy nsfw comic for your knight time! Lay down your arms, remove your gauntlets, and wipe the sweat from your brow: The fight is over and you’ve earned this time to enjoy today’s fine erotic tapestry.

A huge thank you to Ray Starshine for this incredible comic. It’s just stunning and so much fun.

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↓ Comic Transcript
Today's sexy comic is made by Ray Starshine! The comic is drawn beautifully in pastels and shows a medieval jousting competition. Taking part is a woman knight called Nor, she is lightly tanned, tall, blue eyed, with long grey haired and wears a silver-blue full bodied armor. Her partner for the comic is a purple dressed Maiden called Idalia, a paler shorter woman with orange eyes and red flowing hair, kept in check beneath a simple ringed crown. Both women and Cis with she/her pronouns.

Page 1
The comic starts as a parade of knights ride their horses into the Medieval jousting arena. One red-headed maiden waves her scarf from the royal viewing platform.

"Nor!" Calls Idalia, waving her scarf to catch the eye of a silver-haired knight.
"I can't believe you rode right past me without taking my favor." Chides Idalia as she ties her maroon scarf to Nor's armored right arm.
"I thought you wanted to keep this private." Nor replies demurely.
"I changed my mind." Idalia says while leaning in to whisper slyly, "Don't get lanced."

Page 2
A montage unfolds showing Nor facing off against various competitors and besting them all in with their lance.

"Well done, my champion!" Congratulates Idalia as she crowns a golden laurel atop Nor's head as she kneel before her.

Idalia concludes with a kiss to Nor's temple and whispers, "See you tonight."

Now nighttime, Nor's horse casually grazes outside their tent. A voice commands, "Raise your arms!" and another replies, "Haha!"

Page 3
Inside the tent we see a fully dressed Idalia closely inspecting a nude Nor's torso.
With their head still crowned by the winning laurel, Nor keeps their arms in the air per Idalia's command while teasingly commenting, "You were watching the whole time! You know there isn't a scratch on me."

"Good girl." Idalia coos while leaning in to kiss the champion's breast. "I'm glad I don't need to have anyone arrested."

"Lancing you- " Teases Idalia as she raises her skirt to reveal a handsome strap-on secured between her legs, complete with an etching of a knight galloping on their horse, lance pointing towards the tip of her cock. " -is my privilege alone."

Page 4
The two kiss passionately as Nor peels Idalia out of her dress. The two tumble backwards.
"where are you going?" Nor asks as Idalia works her way down between their legs.
"Patience, my dear knight." She coos just above Nor's silver-haired mons. "We must prepare -" Idalia takes a moment to gaze on Nor's genitalia. " -before entering the Lists." She concludes with a gentle lick down the center of Nor's lips.

Page 5
"Oh! Ah! Idalia, please!" Exclaims Nor as Idalia works away with her mouth between Nor's legs.
Surfacing for air and with her chin covered in juices, Idalia purrs, "Now..."
She guides the tip of her strap-on between Nor's legs, announcing, "We joust!" with a gentle thrust.
"Ah!" Gasps Nor, back arching as her red-headed lover fucks away at her with cool confidence. "Ah! Ah! Ah! AHHhnn!"

After their private tournament has concluded and the two have recovered, Nor places her golden laurel atop Idalia's head, telling her, "For besting me with a lance."

Todays wonderful comic was made by Ray Starshine, who can be found at https://raystarshine.com/
It was then transcribed by the team on 6/3/24! It was only made possible with Patreon support: come and be a part of what we do on https://www.patreon.com/OhJoySexToy