Squashy Soft and Pillowy! Hien Pham (and friend) reviews the Tenga Puffy!

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Hien’s Extra Notes!
Thank you again to Tenga for the wonderful review opportunity, and a special thank you to my good friend Dave M. for his help testing the toy as well! Good luck and solidarity to all of my fellow phimosis friends with tight foreskin out there! Hopefully some of my experience can be useful for your own curious adventures!

The team at Tenga were also kind enough to send ME (Matthew!) a reviewer’s copy at the same time and, gosh, it is neat. It’s a very traditional sleeve, but with a soft outer layer that turns it’s insides into a very squiggly and soft cloud-like experience. They’re always innovating and coming up with such fun toys over there, and I love how fleshy this thing is, BUT it left me all a bit flat. Maybe TOO soft for my particular tastes? I found myself swapping it out for my Spinner – a real tried and true willy-pleaser. Which – HECK – B – T – W’s… they’ve recently released a ‘Pixel’ version of that’s had me salivating (it’s a texture they previously used on the Spiral and is SO MUCH stimulation-FUN. It’s like… they made a toy just for Matthews =D

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