Let’s learn a bit about Phimosis – the inability to retract your foreskin or prepuce – and some methods to work on it if that’s something you’re looking to do!

A huge thank you to Hien Pham for going undercover, and revealing this doozy of a subject! As ever, with science-y biological topics like this, a 5-page comic can only ever reveal the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to do your own research, talk to your doctor, and don’t rush into anything! Hien’s comic is a warmu-p, but you still gotta cover more ground, tease out the evidence, explore off the beaten path, and triple check the Ball-isitic reports ;D

Hien’s ALSO written up a Behind-the-scenes Post about picking colors for today’s comic for the OJST Patreon. See the madness I put him through in exploring a NOIR color theme for today’s comic and then flip-flopped from after posting it on the site, reverting back to his original colors. It’s a pretty epic post.

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