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For the past handful of years, Oh Joy Sex Toy has been incredibly lucky to be Ad-free with the amazing support from Sponsors! This year Magic Wand is sponsoring the site and helping keep it open and accessible to anyone who might need it.

Previous Sponsors

2022-2023Magic Wand.


2019-20202020-2021 – Wand by We-Vibe and OMGYes.com.

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2018-2019The Magic Wand and OMGYes.com.

2017-2018Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette and The Magic Wand.

What’s This All About?

In 2017 we had a realization. Oh Joy Sex Toy had turned 4 years old and what had started as a bit-of-fun, sex education and sex toy reviewing comic experiment, had grown into something bigger. Our sex ed comics numbered in the 100s and our humble experiment had become something of a real community resource. We knew it was time to update the face of the site. In all those previous years OJST had run and survived on some fun but seriously NSFW ads to help pay for what we do. We’ve always been fond of a good naughty ad and felt they matched what we were doing early on. But, years later, that just didn’t fit anymore.

Nowadays Planned Parenthood coordinators send their volunteers to our site for sex ed crash courses, our monthly page views are in the multi-millions, we’re being used in doctors’ and gynecologists’ offices as a first glance resource, freshers at universities are being directed to our site and given print outs of our comics, our books are in libraries, and our comics have even shown up in the Tate Modern.

We decided it was time the face of Oh Joy Sex Toy reflected the fact that it had now become a public education resource and community art site. With the financial help of Sponsors, we removed the ad’s and now OJST is friendlier and accessible.

I Want to be a Sponsor!

Woo! As a sponsor, you’d appear with thanks on every page of Oh Joy Sex Toy, in a reasonably ad-blocker-proof dynamic design, and again on this Sponsors page. Check out the Wayback machine to see it in action. We’ll sing your praises whenever we can and will be eternally thankful – you would be helping us to do what we do, and that means the world to us. As of right now, we only sell two sponsorship slots per year – and it’s really important to us that what-we-do and what-you-do align! If interested, Email Matthew for more information:

Matthews email:
Matthew Daniel Nolan at gmail dat com

You can find out more about Oh Joy Sex Toy by checking out our Press Page, New Readers Page, and Reintroduction Comic.

Other Ways to Support Us

Filling a Sponsor slot is quite the endeavor, so we get that this won’t work for regular visitors who might be interested in supporting the site in a smaller way. If you’re interested in supporting us as an individual, we run a Patreon here. It has personal essays, thoughts, behind-the-scene workings, and is generally a great place to go if you’re looking to just give us a dollar or two – every little help’s, we really couldn’t do Oh Joy Sex Toy without our Patrons.


Being sponsored will have no effect on our reviews. Sponsors won’t be receiving more favorable reviews or have their works be prioritized over others, nor will our previous reviews of their services and/or products be changed. Sponsorship is exactly how it looks – we’re bringing on board these people who we trust as a way to help support our site financially. They won’t have an impact on the content of what we do and how we do it. As always, our priorities lie in making a quality comic that shares our honest opinions and accurate sex education.