I’ve been looking forward to this review for months and months.

When I first ran into the FleshSack (yes I know, that name 0_o), I thought it was some sort of FleshLight Aprils fools. It seemed so out of place amongst all the orifice-focused toys they make, and definitely not something that would appeal to me. But I was shocked by how much horny mental space it decided to occupy in my head. Balls on a Fleshlight; after all… why not? Why shouldn’t I keep try it? What started as a giggle turned into a must have. I HAD to experience those balls slappin’ up against me. A rare purchase for me.

And gosh was I not disappointed. This toy exudes FUN. Sure, there are better toys out there, but are they as much FUN to slap up against? I’m not sure.

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I love my FleshSack and fully encourage you to pick one up if you’re keen to feeling some balls bouncing on your tummy. But be warned; it might not be for you if you like to drift off into fantasy land, these balls demand your attention; only pick ’em up if you’re already partial to thinking about plum pairs!