It’s Aftercare, not Afterthought in today’s comic by artist Ripley LaCross.A post-scene drop can happen to everyone, even the Dom, who needs just as much care and consideration as the subs. Talking about consideration – Ripley was plagued by Covid while working on this strip and asked us to remind you all to be safe and practice safe sex socializing. It’s winter and we’re all sick – wear a mask when you’re around crowds and look after yourselves, fam.

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↓ Comic Transcript
A white cis character, with pronouns she/her, named Jack, leans over and gently touches her partner, Sebastian, a tanned but visibly bruised, cis character with he/him pronouns. Both are middle-aged and naked!

‘Would you like some water? Food?’ Jack asks.

The next panel crops in closer as they touch.
Sebastian ‘Water’
Jack ‘Of course.’
‘… Sorry if I was too rough…’ She looks down with a little bit of sadness and some mild growing confusion surrounding her head.

Sebastian ‘What? You are perfect.’

Sebastian notices Jack getting further confused and desperate, a dark cloud surrounds her head with swirls.
Sebastian ‘…Hey. Are you OK?’

The page drifts and we see a narrative box that states 'Earlier that week…’

The comic cuts back to the pair, at a different time and location, they’re sat with a notebook and coffee, in front of them both. Jack is scribbling down notes as she listens.
Jack ‘… Thanks for tolerating me and my notes. I want the scene to be better than the last one.’

‘About that… There is one thing we could work on' Sebastian mentions.
‘Oh, yeah?’ Retorts Jack.

Sebastian continues ‘ we forgot about your aftercare! And you dropped so hard last time, remember?’
‘… I thought I was just tired…’
‘… And grumpy. And spacey. And… Well… Well, we can make it better.’
‘ But… I’m the Dom. Dom's don’t need Aftercare…’

Sebastian points to the notebook ‘Of course they do! This is what I need at the end of a scene to find myself… It’s no crime to design your own version.’

He then reaches to hold Jack’s hand, ‘I want to be as good a sub for you, as you are a Dom to me, so let’s avoid the Dom Drop’

Jack lifts their coffee up while wearing a very surprised face ‘I’ve never heard of Dom Drop.’
‘Yeah me neither till recently. Breaking away from the intense emotional vulnerability can be disorientating and distressing. Like an adrenaline crash.’

Jack’s pinching their lips in thought, ‘Ha… I focus so much on making sure it’s good for you while trying to stay in character… Makes sense.’
Sebastian ‘ and there’s some crossover with Sub Drop, too. Shame, guilt, inner turmoil, lethargy, etc.’

‘I did feel gross for the rest of that day! Like I'd done something wrong.’ Jack exclaims.
‘Right! That’s the normal you clashing with your Dom persona.’

Sebastian reaches over and gently squeezes Jack’s arm ‘You are not a kink–dispensing machine.’
‘Not for this scene anyway’ Jack teasingly whispers, while Sebastian continues.
‘Dom's deserve Aftercare, too. You’re human and have the right to be nurtured.’

‘You’re right, I’m already less stressed about the scene were planning’
‘I’m glad ! So what does your Aftercare look like?’

We zoom in on the notepad in front of them both, Sebastian charge and is now the one to take notes.
‘… Cuddles? Reassurance that I didn’t hurt you?’
‘Done. Anything else?’
‘Maybe… Call me by my name and not by my Dom title?’

Sebastian keeps jotting down notes as Jack continues.
‘How about a cookie and some juice? Like after donating blood!’

The camera starts to pan back, and leave the room, we see just small silhouettes of the two of them sitting at a coffee table as they start to finish this conversation.
Sebastian ‘It’s not too late to turn this into a naughty nurse seen.’
‘ha! No..’ replies Jack.

A long line depicts the change in time and place. We're back to the present, as we see a naked and confused Jack looking at her hand, distantly a voice speaks out.
‘ Are you OK?’ ‘...Jack?’

Sebastian appears next to Jack, wearing a friendly smile, as he gently touches Jack’s cheek. She responds with a weak smile.
‘… Yeah. I’m OK. Cuddle time?’

Sebastian ‘Of course! Cookie?’
‘Oh, my God, yes.’ 
The comic ends with the pair embraced on the bed, grinning and happily holding one another.


Today's Aftercare special was written and drawn by Ripley LaCross who's links can be found at
It was then quickly transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 1/1/24

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