“How to De-stress” on Women’s Health Magazine goes more in-depth with some of the methods you can use to complete the stress cycle. God only knows I’m trying my best when I summarize big concepts into simplified comics and my Cliff Notes version is bound to come up short to the original theory, so I really truly encourage everyone to read my source material for yourself by picking up a copy of Emily and Amelia Nagoski’s book:

Or you can listen to them talk about their book and the stress response cycle, too! Watch them at XOXO Fest, listen to their podcast: Feminist Survival Project 2020, or listen to them talk about it with Brené Brown on her podcast Unlocking Us.

If you are thinking to yourself, hmm, this Emily person sounds familiar…? that is because she and her brilliant work have popped up more than once in some previous OJST comics!
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