Polish your helmet, brandish your steel, pucker up and muster yourself for today’s NSFW comic by Lumen! An epic tale of chivalry, valor and knights who steal kisses or maybe swallow swords?!

I’m not just paying lip service; this comic is striking, and I’m delighted to have it on the site. A huge word of thanks to Lumen who went super hard on it. Go let them know how awesome they are!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Todays comic is drawn by Lumen, who draws us a fantastic medical nsfw bj comic. Lumen is a master at drawing armor, and utilized sheens and shines against subtle 'noise and textures' to really make make these armored characters pop. It's tones in warm and inviting colors, that encourages us as readers to pick up a level of fondness and intimacy's between the characters.

We see a wide shot of two medieval knights gallop at each other in a game of joust, their long lances squared off at each other while the crowd goes wild. Inside a tent ear by, two other knights in full armor wait their turn.

As described by the author, Arthur wears a full set of armor inspired by Maximilian Armor, made from light, polished metal with gilded details. It is slim cut to accentuate with a sharp waist with fluted details on the chestplate, gorget and pauldrons as well as etched rose leaves on the chestplate. He wears a closed helmet with a visor that has similar rose leave etchings, an angular slit for vision and simple flower indentations in the front.

His helmet has a bright red plume, the same color as the leather buckles and fastenings on his armor. There is a green, rectangular piece of fabric attached to the right side of his waist, similar to a Waffenrock. It shows a simplified, powder pink rose with dark green leaves, the coat of arms of his house. The visible bits of his trousers are a warm brown and his codpiece is fastened with red strings. He has fair skin and auburn hair.

Basil wears a similar set of armor, heavily inspired by Arthurs, implying the same armorer made them. His armor is made with fewer intricacies, from darker metal but with the same fluting details on the chestplate and pauldrons. He has the rose from Arthurs Waffenrock etched into his chestplate, implying he is in service of the crown. His helmet sports a simple visor, with a slit for vision, that can be pushed up, revealing a slightly tanned complexion with a dark brown chin strap style beard with a hint of gray. He has a hooked nose and there is a scar on his left cheek, running from the beginning of the beard to his cheekbone. His pants are a dark gray, the fastenings and leather details of his armor are a dark red.

"Can you stop pacing?" Basil demands at the startled Silver Knight. "You will tire yourself out before you even get on a horse."

The camera and panels pan back and forth to show us their helmet adorned faces.
"I can't help it!" Wails Arthur. "I'M NERVOUS! How about you give me a kiss for good luck instead of ribbing me?"

The comic takes a few quiet beats.
"A kiss, huh?" Says Basil, pushing Arthur backwards against the edge of a table, looming over them in the moments before an embrace. "I have a better idea, hon."

"Ah-" Gasps Arthur in anticipation and delight, light spools in framing the couple as they start to embrace.

With a CLANK Basil drops to his knees between the other's legs and tugs at the red cord securing Arthur's red fabric codpiece in place.

"Getting hard for me already." Basil muses as he pulls his helmet back just far enough to reveal his short brown beard, lips, and nose- but not his eyes.

"Sh-shut up..." Arthur stammers, his red pubic hair exposed along with a beautiful pink-beige cock with foreskin pulled back just enough to reveal a darker shade of pinky-brown on the head. While the knight's penis has overall a typical length and proportions, the underside has a somewhat more pronounced bulge that curves more thickly around the middle of the shaft.

Licking and sucking that cock, Basil deftly pushes his gloved hand into the Silver's Knight's hole, rubbing the inside with expert, minute movements.

With a final, firm press of the finger, Basil elicits an "Ah ah HAH" from Arthur, who cracks the table edge from the force of his grip.
An "AHHHHHH!!!" erupts from the tent, startling the passers-by.

"Holy..." gasps Arthur.

"Always happy to serve the crown." Smirks Basil as they wipe away traces of fluid from his exposed cheek with his gloved hand, his eyes still covered by the helmet. Delicately, they re-tie the red cord on Arthur's codpiece.

"Don't be smug." Huffs Arthur. "That wasn't even a proper kiss!"

Rising to his feet to loom over Arthur once again, he smirks out a "Greedy." before placing a sweet smooch on the forehead of the knight's silver helmet.

Pulling back, Basil smiles, saying "You'll do amazing. Now..." In two quick gestures Basil pulls back the tent's entry flap and lays a mighty CLAP on Arthur's firm bottom with a smack of his gauntleted hand. "GO GET 'EM!"

With that, Arthur regally emergences from the tent to his cheering crowd.

Transcribed 7/1/2024 by the team!
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