This year’s been like pushing through molasses, you all are amazing for making it this far.

With everything the way it’s been, I think we’re all feeling empty, worn out, and low on libido– at least, Erika and I are. Which is ok! Sex is supposed to be fun and good for everyone involved. If 2020’s getting to you and you ain’t feeling it: don’t push yourself, don’t stress out about it, explore other ways to stay connected and intimate that may not involve your genitals. Focus on being kind to yourself, friends. Sex and sex toys can wait.

But for those of you who are feeling it or for when the mood takes you in the future: we got you. This list is here for you! Oh, but first, let us be cheeky and drop a link to where you can buy/pre-order our two newest sex education books ;)

Our Books!

We didn’t really add too many new names to the list this year. Instead, you’re getting the tried and true few, the ones we DO keep near and dear. If it’s not enough of a selection, take a peek at what we thought was the best in the last handful of years! We covered a few more categories in the older comics. Plus it’s just fun to see how much our art has changed year to year.
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Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY

Also, something of note we wanted to mention here in the blog post: we listed a whole lot of We-Vibe toys in today’s comic and we are also Sponsored by them, so we felt like we should make it clear that these toys made it into the best-of comic on their own volition and had nothing to do with the Sponsorship. That is: we woulda included them even if they weren’t our sponsors this season. We aim to always remain impartial and fair. Maintaining a good reviewing ethics is really important to us! So take their appearance for how we intended to show it: we think these are the bee’s knees.

If you want MORE in-depth reviews, dive into our Reviews Archive OR if you just want to read some of our best comics check out our Favorites Archive.Then, while we might not have reviewed much this year, we DID hire a ton of AMAZING Guests Artists. It was a great year for stories!

Some direct links to our reviews if you want MORE deets…

Vibes Large
Magic Wand Classic
Magic Wand Plus
We-Vibe Wand

Vibes Medium
Fun Factory Laya 2

Vibes Small
We-Vibe Tango


– Satisfyr Pro – Not yet reviewed, but we have them both!

Fuck Sleeves
Fleshlight Turbo
Tenga Spinner
Tenga 3D Spiral
Fleshlight Quickshot
Buck-Off Kiss

Butt Stuff
Njoy Plugs
Satisfyer Plug Set
Snug Plug

Vixen Creations Vixskin X
Vixen Creations Bandit
Fleshjack Boys Dildos
Blush’s Avant Pride Collection

Strap-On Gear
Jaguar Harness
Fuze Dildo – Velvet

Sliquid H20

Condoms (all the same link!)
A collection of condoms review, I haven’t comic-reviewed all of the ones listed tho!

OTHER things that didn’t make it into the comic but we LOVE:

Cock Rings
Plain ol simple ones

Expensive Stuff
Black Label Esse Chaise Lounger
F-Machines Pro 3 Fuck Machine

Porn (and check out the time we visited their live set!)
Filthy Figments (not yet reviewed, porn site link)