Ok so maybe two dick-n-fart joke cartoonists might not be the BEST people to review a classy piece of sex toy jewelry. But when I saw it on Early to Bed, I HAD to go asking for one. Gimmie something sleek and metallic and cool looking and ugh. I can’t help myself… it’s like, if Apple made a sex toy, of course I wanna go use it on Erika.

It’s one classy (surprisingly strong) little vibe.

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Will we make use of it ever again? Well, I’m not sure. If we ever go back to Club Sesso Privata, or are invited to some posh sexy event, then sure! But those things happen so rarely for us. In our regular comicking day-to-day lives, I can’t see it being used again when the Doxy is just upstairs in the bedroom.

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