Fantastic Niki Smith is back this week with a great comic on Wax Play! You might remember last time, they did a great piece on Bootblacking!

ALSO Niki’s just started work on a long form erotic comic, that Im pretty excited to tell you about, called CrossPlay. Its going to be printed by Ironcircus, and online published by Filthfigments. Its gonna be smutty, queer and ‘all things fandom’, which sounds great to me.

As for WAX PLAY. I feel like I aught to reinforce Niki’s comic, and restate that you aught to prepare and take your time experimenting with this mild-kink. Make sure to practice safety!

If your keen to dive in. Might I recommend looking at a few of our favorite stores for candles! ANNNDDDDD check out OUR review of the Afterglow candles!

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