I’m so excited to have Sicklyhypnos back again this week, honestly, I think they draw some of the cutest furry characters. You might remember them from their last comic on Watersports!

This week, Sicklyhypnos lightly covers ballbusting with this lover letter of a comic.

Now before you all go akimbo at us about not covering the specifics of this potentially very dangerous kink, I want to point out that this week’s comic is just an auto-bio story, not a how-to. It’s a real life tale (tail), of how Bullbusting can be a not-so-scary thing to carefully try. If it inspires you to try out Ballbusting, CBT (cock and ball torture) or Impact play, please go hunting for more resources and take slow steps: this CAN seriously damage you, so educate yourself and exercise caution. I don’t personally know much about CBT and Ballbusting, so I can’t point you at specific, tried and true resources. How ever, if anyone shares some links to good guides with me, I’ll be sure to drop them in below in the next few days.