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↓ Comic Transcript
First Time by DarkChibiShadow for Oh Joy Sex Toy 2024.
The characters as described by the artist are;
Boyfriend in the comic uses he/him and is a trans man. He's an excitable guy with big, square glasses and scruffy hair. Despite this, his beard is well kept and short.
Girlfriend in the comic uses she/her and is a cis woman. She's a patient person who long bangs that almost cover her eyes and a thick, curvy body. She's strong too.

Page 1
"Holy shit, HOLY SHIT!" Boyfriend thinks to himself as his heart audibly beats. "It's really happening! Right here, right now, I am THE luckiest guy in the world!"

"You ready?" The blue-haired girlfriend asks from between his brief-clad legs. She looks cool as a cucumber up at him, enjoying these moments before diving in.

"Soooo soooooooooooooooo ready!" Boyfriend replies, perhaps a little too eagerly and gratefully.

With a peck on the cheek, she tells him, "That's my guy." and then proceeds to yank off his briefs.

Page 2
"Wow..." she marvels upon seeing his junk. "You're really hard..." His T dick pulses in excitement.

Looking dreamily at his girlfriend, he thinks "It's amazing to hear her say that!"

She holds his dick between her fingertips and leans in with her tongue out.

Page 3
Her mouth engulfs his dick with an OMF.
"Ah!" he exclaims, as if struck by lightening. Her tongue swirls around his cock, making him exclaim "Oh fuck!".

Keeping the suction on, she pulls her head back along the length of his dick and then playfully releases it with an exhalation.
"Aah..." He pants while resting a hand on the back of her head while she bobs away on his crotch. "S-so nice..." She continues to hungrily slurp away at it.

Page 4
The boyfriend leans back in a delirium as his girlfriend continues to go to town on him. "This is even better than I ever could have imagined, holy shit..." He thinks to himself, huffing. "Ah! oh! OH!"

In a mild he panic he realizes, "Oh no! No no! Gonna cum -- it's too soon!" He holds at as best he can but his girlfriend's mouth is relentless and eventually forces him to exclaim "AHHHH! FUCK!" as he cumss.
"Mm" she coos at him as his orgasm settles down. She looks happy drunk on the taste of her partner.

Page 5

"Feeling good?" She asks him with fluids dripping down her chin while he pants in recovery.
Now snapping back into this world, he jolts upright asking "You KIDDING?! I-is there anything I can do for you?!"
The girlfriend lunges to the side, looking horny and hungry. She returns holding a prosthetic dick, asking, "Well, if you're not too tired..."
The boyfriend has that surprised Pikachu face.
"Wanna try another first tonight?" She continues.
From off-screen we hear "yes yes yes!" and giggling and lots of little hearts shooting up.

Transcribed by the team on April 8, 2024. First Time by DarkChibiShadow for Oh Joy Sex Toy 2024.