End of a year and time we hand you our buying-sex-toys-made-easy list!

While we try to do one of these each year, last year we decided that there wasn’t very much different we would recommend so we ended up with a comic on just stuff we like. Granted – this year not exactly much different from our best of 2017-18 list either! We’ve just not encountered anything game-changing in 2019. But don’t let that caveat phase you, this list is our current GO-TO for recommendations if you’re looking to pick up something quick.

If you want MORE and in depth reviews let me recommend the Reviews Archive, OR if you just want to read some of our best comics; check out our Favorites Archive.

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ALSO can’t hurt to peek at the previous years’ Best Of lists! They all come with a bit more story and shenanigans and are just a fun trip down memory lane! Plus they talk about toys and things we still ADORE but we just didn’t have space to include this year. Like, for example BOOKS!
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There’s just not space to dive into details. So here are all the links to our reviews (if we’ve done them). Make use of the categories and search at the top of the site too if you’re hankering for anything in particular. I think at this point we’ve got about 300 comics on the site, so there’s a good chance we’ve reviewed a toy that’ll work for you!

Magic Wand Classic
Magic Wand Plus
Magic Wand Rechargable
Mystic Wand
We-Vibe Tango
Silver Bullet

Satisfyr Pro

Fuck Sleeves
Fleshlight Go
Tenga Flip Zero
Tenga Spinner

Butt Stuff
Njoy Plugs
Snug Plug

– Fun Factory Miss Bi (not yet reviewed – but a real delight!)

Fleshjack Boys Dildos
Blush’s Avant Pride Collection

Strap On Gear
Jaguar Harness
Fuze Dildo – Velvet (look at Fuzes Alpha model (store link) if your looking for something bigger!)

Sliquid H20

Condoms (all the same link!)
A collection of condoms review, I haven’t yet given the mega Big boy or Okamoto 0.04 their own reviews yet!

Plain ol simple ones

Expensive Stuff
Black Label Esse Chaise Lounger
F-Machines Pro 3 Fuck Machine

CrashPadSeries.com (and check out the time we visited their live set!)
Filthy Figments
AFourChamberedHeart.com (not yet reviewed, porn site link)

FINALLY – if you’re just looking to dick about and read some comics, go explore our Favs list here, our Adventure comics here, OR just skip it all and take a look at the time we reviewed a sex doll over here.