A HUGE thanks to the team at Silicon Wives for thinking of us and sending us one of their ladies. It was exciting getting to try one of these out!

I think a large part of the appeal of Alabama (and high-end sex dolls in general) is all about the website and presentation of the dolls. So before I go chitty-chatting I really encourage you to check out the Silicon Wives website.*** They take incredible photos and tell backstories about the ladies they sell. Seeing these almost lifelike and expertly done photos breathes life into them, beyond the frozen figure you get in the mail.

*** Edit:
Ah WAIT – Before you go clicking the link to Silicon Wives, heads up: I just learned that some of the copy on their site is… not very respectful towards women. So click if you’re interested, but be ready to see text and copy that is marketed toward a different crowd than we cater to here.

Some tips I DID pick up on: A sex doll is COLD, you need to buy a heated blanket to put over them before getting intimate. Also, if you get a model with an in-built orifice (Like Alabama!), use Internal Condoms to save on having to wash them out afterward. There’s also a SUPER helpful How To Use A Sex Doll guide on the website that’s very much a must-read if you’re about to shell out for a $2k toy.

Also, a big thing I didn’t talk about in the comic is that it’s nearly impossible to recycle a TPE sex doll. There ARE some places that’ll take TPE, but it’s difficult and hard to find, and the idea of chopping her up for the recycle plant is just gruesome. Because of that and the high prices, there is a thriving second-hand market out there. Which brings me to my next announcement…

EDIT – shes been re-homed! <3 If you’re in the Portland area and are interested in our once-used* Alabama, drop me an email. I would love for her to find a good local forever home.
*Used with an internal condom, she never came into contact with any bodily fluids.

And on a completely different note….
Next week, we’re heading out for the Emerald City Comic Convention!
Come find us if you’re in Seattle 14-17th in the Artist Alley, Booth H12! We’ll be doing a couple of signing and panels too.

Friday 15th 1-2 Oni Booth – Drawn to Sex Signing
Sat 16th 6.30-7.30 TCC L3-R2 Lucy Bellwood and Erika Moen host, Too Boat, Too Boner.
Sun 17th 2-3 Oni Booth – Drawn to Sex Signing