It’s a DREAM to get a Danielle comic to help cover us while we do the Emerald City Comic Con! (More info below) She’s one of my oldest comics friends and colleagues, in addition to being one of my favorite artists (SORRY, IT’S TRUE). Check out ANY of her work below, she’s a gifted storyteller and a phenomenal cartoonist.

Friends, Matt and I are going to be at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con THIS WEEK, March 14-17th. I’m ALREADY under the weather and poorly so wish us luck!

Emerald City Comic Con
March 14-17, Seattle, WA
Artist Alley Table H12!

We’ll be listed as part of my studio Helioscope in the program and doing a couple of signings and panels too:

► Friday 15th, 1-2 pm, Oni Booth – Drawn to Sex Signing
► Sat 16th, 6:30-7:30 pm, TCC L3-R2 – Lucy Bellwood and Erika Moen host Boats and Boners 2: Too Boat, Too Boner
► Sun 17th, 2-3 pm, Oni Booth – Drawn to Sex Signing