Ever so slowly

And with deliberate purpose

Hien Pham inches us closer and closer

Into today’s amazing…

Edging comic.

A little bit NSFW, a little bit education, and a little furry – it’s all kinds of awesome and I can’t wait for you all to read it =D Don’t hold back any longer: go tell this lovely bear how great his comics are!

Thank you to my lovely friend Garrett for helping me once again with research and references for another comic! Love ya, puppy! Thank you to my editorial team here at OJST for your kind words and encouragement always. And thank you for reading! We literally can’t do any of this without y’all. Take care, and take it easy, everyone!

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↓ Comic Transcript

Page 1
"Ready?" Asks a voice from off screen. "Three, two, one, and go!"

Hien's anthropomorphic brown bear hand taps down onto the timer on a phone with a beep! The time reads 01:30:00

Narration: I've wanted to try edging for the longest time! On paper, it's everything that I enjoy: sensual intimacy, space for it to be kinky, and I get to touch a penis to my heart's content!

Garrett, an anthropomorphic gray canine with a shock of red hair, reclines on a teal couch with a yellow padded sleeping mask covering their eyes. Hien delicately runs a finger over the side of Garrett's maw.

Hien presses his hand in to the furry tummy of Garrett, giving it a good scritch before working down to Garrett's underwear, pulling aside the fabric to reveal a hardening intact (uncircumcised) pink cock against a dark gray ball sack.

Narration: But... I don't have the greatest attention span... how would I cope with the time investment inherent to edging?

We now see that Garrett is tied at the wrists overhead to a nearby coffee table while laying on their back. Their legs are also decoratively bound individually with shibari rope.

Narration: Will I get just as much pleasure out of it as the friend I'm pleasuring? Will this be a tool worth adding to my sex toolkit?

"Ah!" Garrett gasps as Hien delicately holds their cock between their fingers. Hien sticks out his tongue teasingly while also blushing.

Narration: Well! No time like the present to find out!

A pink banner obscures part of the page with the text, "Read the rest on ohjoysextoy.com"

Page 2
Caption: The Butter Churn
Hien's hands pump straight up and down over Garrett's cock.
"Ah!" responds Garrett.

Caption: The Accordion
Hien grabs the cock shaft below the balls, so the balls sit smooshed over the top edge of their hand. Hien's other hand clamps down on the cock head. Rthymically, they slide their hands together and then apart, meeting in the middle of the cock.
"Wah!" Gasps Garrett.

Narration: There's a rhythm to edging in which you climb steadily toward a climax, then you back away. I wasn't entirely sure how to fill the down time between each climb...

Hien leans down to teasingly lick the head of Garrett's dick, which illicits an "Mmmm..." response.

Narration: Turned out: it was the perfect space to touch the rest of his body!

Hien squeezes Garrett's pecs and nuzzles up to their bound leg.

Narration: Touching turned to cuddling, turned to stroking, turned to touching-cuddling-stroking...

Between Garrett's legs, Hien indulgently licks their tummy.

Narration: The ebbs and flows kept my infamously busy mind engaged and my touch-starved hands well-sated.

Page 3
Caption: The "Ponder My Orb"
Hien's left hand holds Garrett's cock at its base, while the right hand makes a fist around the head and swivels in a circular direction.
"Aaahh~!" moans Garrett.

Caption: The GirlBoss
With his free hand, Hien disinterestedly taps out "I hope this email find you well..." on his phone while he continues to jerk off Garrett.

Narration: Every time I shafted him short of a climax.. I could feel his heart beat in the throbs of his penis.

In Hien's still fist, Garrett's cock pulses to a "ba-bump ba-bump" beat. Hien looks on with love in his eyes.

"H-Hien!" Garrett calls out, hands still bound and eyes still covered with a blindfold.
"You're so cute!!" Hien coos as he nestles up against Garrett's fuzzy chest.

Narration: It's incredible that I get to spend time like this with the people I love.

Page 4
Narration: You know, I often find myself not caring too much about getting off at all during sex.

On the coffee table we see a box of tissue, a remote control, a bottle of some beverage, a mug, a bottle of lube, and a few bundles of shibari rope. From off screen we hear Garrett's "A-ah..."

Narration: If I wanted to come, I could always jerk off on my own afterward!

On the teal couch we see Garrett's various items of clothes, accompanied by a "Hng..." from him out of view.

Narration: The pleasure I want from sexual intimacy is the intimacy itself.

Narration: Every honeyed moan...
Hien's ear pricks up as Garrett moans an "Ah!"

Narration: Every uncontrollable shiver...

Hien waggles a finger back and forth like a metronome across the frenulum (the line that connects from the shaft of the cock to the split in the glans), which is labelled "The Frenulum Pendulum"

"F-fuck..." responds Garrett.

Narration: The scenery of unabashed vulnerability touches me in ways so much more rewarding than touching my own penis.

Garrett's bound wrists tug and tremble against their ropes.

Page 5

Narration: I feel so indebted to kink and fetish for giving me so many avenues to access intimacy. Being able to facilitate the scratching of these niche itches fulfills me in a way that pole-in the-hole simply does not.

Panting, Garrett begs, "Can I come? Please?..."

"Hehe! I don't know~" teases Hien in return.

Narration: What sex is and what sex can be continue to be redefined every time I find a new way to make a body quiver...

The time now reads 00:02:24 with a STOP and RESET button beneath it.

Narration: And I just cannot get enough of it!

Cracking his knuckles with playfully-sadistic determination, Hien announces, "I'm not ready for this to be over!"

Hien's hand taps down on the RESET button of the timer, taking it back to 01:30:00.

"Let's keep going!" Hien crows. "Once more, to the edge!"

"Aw... Okay...!!" Garrett responds while his hard cock twitches and pulses in anticipation.

To Edge An Impatient Artist by Hien Pham
Transcribed by Erika Moen May 27, 2024