Interested in doing business with Oh Joy, Sex Toy? Awesome! We’ve had quite a bit of interest in all parts of the site so we’ve gone and laid out some of the topics that keep coming up!

You’d like to financially support the site?

We would love all the help we can get! Thank you!!! Just reach out via email, and we’ll figure something out.

Want to advertise with us?

Fortunately, we’ve gone Ad-free, with the help of yearly sponsorship. You can read up about sponsoring OJST here. If you’re interested in bidding for one of our year-long sponsor slots (which go up for sale around the summer) email Matthew Nolan with your budget.

Want your toy / porn / website reviewed?

Drop Matthew an email! We’re not open to reviewing every item under the sun and we will be picky. But if we’re interested and you send us the toy here’s what you can expect:

-The review may takes 3-6 months to do.

-We will make an honest review comic of your product, for better or for worse.

-In the blog post we’ll link/mention your company with thanks.

Want to license an OJST comic onto your site?

We love having OJST’s work spread across the internet! But we also don’t get any kind of revenue unless readers land here! To balance that out, we charge a fee for the comics that you might want to post onto a commercial site/space. We don’t issue these licenses without prior contact. Visit our Licensing page to learn more and get in contact. That being said our Guest Artists OWN their comics and can be negotiated independently for a license.

You have an amazing idea for a comic…

Fantastic! We love to hear ideas, but can’t commit to them! Feel free to email your idea over, just understand it’s unlikely to be covered; especially while we run guest artists – who we encourage to cover topics they have experience with.

If you are interested in applying to be a guest comic artist. Please see our submission page here!

You have some feedback on a comic…

Awesome! We love it when you guys get so invested in the comics that you have feedback to share. Unfortunately, we try not to encourage feedback as it bogs us down. To keep the fast weekly pipeline going, we focus on being proactive in our future comics rather than over editorializing past ones. Once a comic’s live, we’re already busy working on the next one and don’t have much time to look back! That being said, visual bugs or website errors? Totes, are worth reaching out about.

In Conclusion…

Thank you for considering doing business with us! If there’s some work you would like to talk to OJST and the team about, that’s not listed, feel free to drop Matthew an email!

Matthews email:
Matthew Daniel Nolan at gmail dat com