Sparklemaia spills the tea on Asexuality with a wonderful 101 comic.

Today’s comic was a huge labor of love and I’m incredibly grateful to have an Ace comic that’s so thoughtful, introductory, and helpful on OJST. I know sparklemaiahas also been posting some of the behind the scenes to her Substack if you’d like to check out all the hoops we asked her to jump through ;D

Want to learn more abotu Asexuality? Sparklemaia has two links for you to check out:

The Asexuality Visibility & Education Network – THE go-to online resource for asexuality

Ace by Angela Chen An amazing book resource.

Patreon’s Snaffu Update
A few of you have reached out for more information about the Financial Patreon Blip (The Verge & Engadget & Patreon’s Status page) we suffered this past month and a half, curious to know how bad it was in the end. It took a while to really figure out what the impact was beyond supporters just disappearing, but right now it looks like we lost about 10% of our monthly revenue. Where that leaves us is a real question! This next month or so I’ll start exploring fresh fundraising and see if we can’t stabilize things a bit. Let’s just see how it goes.

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