In June, after 10 years of being together, Michelle and I got married! It was a pretty small event but way more work than either of us expected, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Other big news is I’ll be stepping away from doing monthly comics on here for a little while as I got offered a really cool contract for a video game! I can’t talk about who it’s for or what it is yet but I’ll be back with one-off comics at some point after I learn the ropes with this new gig. Thank you so much for all your support in having me on as a semi-permanent guest artist for two whole years! A big thank you for Matthew and Erika offering me the role, it was a dream come true to work so closely with people I’ve looked up to for 10 years! And of course, thanks to Ziggy for helping edit my comics, and Hien for being such a great co-worker. Ahhhh, but I’m sure I’ll be back!

Note from Matthew! What a wonderfull way to have a send off here on OJST! A huge congrats to both of you, Jey and Michelle. I’m so glad you found one another.

Heck, it’s sad to see Jey leave OJST – I wish we could hold onto all out artists indefinitely. But it’s super lovely to know Jey’s going onward and stronger than ever into their next project and as they mentioned; we don’t imagine this’ll be their last OJST comic. A huge thank you for sharing yourself and your amazing work with us all these years Jey. You’re amazing, and I can’t wait to be here for you when you come back with an idea or two =)

More to come on who’ve we’ve invited to fill in the monthly slot once Erika and I get over some jetlag from our own family-wedding; my sister got married – it was amazing.

Patreon news Stuff
The last few weeks I’ve been reporting all about the Patreon payment-snaffoo here in the bottom of the posts (TLDR; there was a payment-card-decline-issue, read about it on The Verge & Engadget & Patreon’s Status page – it really looked like we lost a serious chunk of our funding/backers). Later this week I’ll be able to say better how it REALLY affected us, we’re keeping our fingers crossed! But in the mean time, I wanted to say a thank you to all of you who went in and double check your pledges and those of you who renewed or backed us for the first time! It’s been such a stresfull little month, and each little Patreon email letting us know of your support – meant so so much to get. We love this project and want to see it go on, and it means the world to know you feel the same.

As ever, links to said Patreons. Come be a part of what we do here and help us fund these artists and comics.

– The Oh Joy Sex Toy per-comic Patreon to directly support these comics

– The Erika Moen Monthly Patreon with her many art projects

And, heck, if you ever want to make a larger donation – as some have in the past – please don’t shy away from reaching out! OJST survives on our readers’ support!