When Jewel Suan gets her very first boyfriend at the age of 24, she’s suddenly confronted with a question she’d never had to consider before: What to do with her pubic hair? In this sweet comic, join her as she explores all her options, from full hair to none.

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↓ Comic Transcript

Beside an illustration of an open laptop with a screen full of a yellow young man talking excitedly appears the text, "At the Age of 24, I got my first boyfriend."

Jewel, a pink cisgender woman, now stands in the shower, looking down at her bushy pubic hair while looking quizzical and slightly alarmed. Beside her, the caption reads, "And the full grown jungle between my legs became more of a dreaded issue in my mind."

Sitting nervously on the floor and sweating with anxiety, Jewel asks herself, "Don't men usually like their partners shaved? I'm afraid he won't be attracted to me because of my bush... I want everything to go perfectly when he visits, I don't want to disappoint him..."

Squatting in the corner with her back to the reader, she furiously types into her phone, GOOGLE: Should you shave your pubic hair?"
The results read, "Removing pubic hair may make a person more susceptible to common infections, UTIs, vaginitis, yeas infections..."
"SERIOUSLY?!" exclaims Jewel, with the word "Ignorant" written next to her.
"The question you're asking yourself is do you WANT to shave?" the search results ask her.
As jewel walks away pondering her phone, the caption reads, "I started to research why some women shave to begin with."

Page 3

In a park, Jewel comes across an orange woman and a pinky-rose woman who are having tea on the grass. They wave her over and Orange asks her, "We hear that you're pondering if shaving is for you?"
"Yeah!" Jewel replies. "I'm worried about what my partner will think about my pubic hair..."
Orange confidently tells her, "I for one can't stand my pubes getting in the way of my fun." and Pinky-Rose chimes in with, "I prefer to trim. It looks and feels tidier."
"But what about UTIs?" panics Jewel.
"Sure," Orange continues. "pubic hair can help against the, but shaving doesn't mean you'll GET UTIs! Follow these general rule of thumbs!"
Pinky-Rose helpfully writes out the following advice:
"1. Pee after sex
2. Clean with water after sex and avoid fragranced products
3. *Probiotic foods
4. Cranberry juice
5. Wipe front to back
** www.pushdoctor.co.uk/what-we-treat/sexual-health/urinary-tract-infection-uti/articles/urinary-tract-infections-foods-to-fight-the-bacteria
Looking at herself and her full bush in the mirror, the narration next to her reads, "Time was quickly running out. After all my research and debating if I should shave, it dawned on me..."

Page 4
Jewel's reflection realizes, "I... like my bush."
A big beautiful illustration shows Jewel posing with her pubic hair surrounded by flowers and the text, "It's like my best friend! Protecting my adorable little chooch. It makes me feel... well... Like a woman!"

The next panel returns to reality, with a fully clothed Jewel rushing up to meet her boyfriend at the airport, with the accompanying caption, "He's coming here for ME. And he'll get me; bush and all!"

Page 5
The caption continues, "I ought to shave if I want to, not out of pressure!" while the orange boyfriend and pink Jewel embrace for the first time.
Later, in bed and in the act of becoming intimate with their underwears still on, Jewel nervously says, "Hey, uh... I've got a bush by the way. I hope-"
"I have hair too!" Her boyfriend cuts her off. "All I care about is whatever makes you feel comfortable.
At that, she flings away her unders as they begin smoochin' with lots of hearts floating around.

Transcribed by Erika Moen on November 20, 2023