Questing for something sexy? MAF has you covered with today’s NSFW visit to the backrooms of Alanna’s shop. Fun and hot and just what you need if you’re feeling some Baldur’s Gate and Karlach withdrawal 0_o

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↓ Comic Transcript
The comic opens in front of a Dungeons and Dragons back ally-style merchant shop. Atop it is a big, wide wooden banner proudly presenting 'Alanna's Shop'. Stood in front of it is a thin, robbed, green-eyed trans man elf.

With a curious look, he enters and the door rings.

At the counter, a larger, red, horned, Teifling, cis woman grins 'Well hello there, traveler!'

Her pose becomes a little more flirtatious, as she leans forward, pressing her cleavage forward in its loose blouse top, giving both us- you; the reader, me; the transcriber- and the elf a whole lot breast.
'How can I help you?'

We cut back to The Elf, lightly blushing as he looks away from the cleavage on display 'Ah, right, yes, you see...'
'Word has come to my ears that your prestige shop offers a variety of... special items. For special purposes...'
His voice gets quiet and softer as his blush deepens, 'And I was wondering if I could take a look at-'

The panel looms over the others on the page, as the camera looks up from behind The Elf at the huge woman looming down at him. She's comes around the counter to address him directly.
'Ah, I see a client of discerning tastes...! Of course, let me show you the backroom~'
'Th-thank you you very much.' he stammers back.

We enter a dark room littered with toys of all kinds and shapes. Truly a smorgasbord of fantasy delights, drawn with much love and attention.

Alanna walks her customer through her wares.
'There you go! My selection of special items. Curated from the very best... for the very best!'
'Ah! Haha- you flatter. But I'm not sure I count as-'
'You're cute, I can't help it.' she interrupts as she leans over and whips her tail around him.

Stepping further into the den of delights, she continues on 'So, see anything you like?'
'Some of these...' he looks briefly away, 'I admit, I don't even know how they'd work.'
Alanna's eye glints as she turns around 'Oh? Perhaps a demonstration is in order?'
"!! Please!'

The panel shows our savvy business owner go in for the kill, as she lifts The Elf's chin up.
'Easy...' she coos, and leans in to whisper in his ear, 'These work best when you take your time.' He gasps.
'A little... setup.'

She slowly peels the jacket from The Elf.
'Y-Yes!' he stammers.

The camera turns to see Alanna out of her skirt sporting a leather harness and a large purple dildo, it's ever so lightly adorned with some smooth gems, that we can assume give it some added magical properties. She drips lube and strokes it in front of The Elf who bashfully gulps in response.
'This, my pretty elf, is a classic strap-on. My Specialty!'
'Sh-show me...?'

Her red fingers reach forward and stoke a freshly exposed genitals surrounded by ginger pubes and an unbuttoned pair of slacks and shirt.
'Yes, yes!' responds The Elf. 

Alanna pushes her partner backward toward a desk, looming over him as he slowly falls out of his clothes, 'Relax, I'll take it from here.'
With a lick across his neck, she penetrates him.

As the scene plays out, we see a panel from behind The Elf as Alanna takes him by the hips.
Our camera whips behind the pair, and we see from behind Alanna as she picks up the pace. 

'Hng! Ah!!! M-More! FASTER' cries out The Elf, as Alanna seems to happily provide. The two fuck with abandon, and we get to see him embrace her, closeups of the penetration and all of the fun as they bump and grind. It's seriously lewd and hot, and amazing.

'I'm close!! Don't stop! Don't sto-'
DING DONG rings the front door. Both of our protagonists stare at each other unmoving. Not a breath passes...

'Hello...?' sounds out from the first room.

Unphased, a quiet Alanna turns to eye the door to the other room 'Oh. I may have forgotten to close up the store...'
The elf is red hot in apprehension as he sits there impaled on her dong. A real stag-in-the-headlights moment.

The camera moves back to the other room to a green orc, with red eyes and short tusks. A new Patron looking for wares.
'Are you perhaps in the back- OH.'

We see what the Orc see's as they split the curtain. In front of them is a merchant balls deep... strap-on-deep(?), Harness-deep(?) in an elf, propped up on a desk.
'Ha. Um... Interested in a demonstration?' Alanna responds.

And with that, the comic ends!

Today's comic was made by MAF who can be found at
It was then transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 11/13/23 who knows nothing about transcription practices but had a whole lot of fun writing this all out, and hopes you enjoyed it too!
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