Let’s Talk About It is coming out next freaking week on March 9th from Random House Graphic and it really helps a book’s success if it has a strong pre-order turnout. The better numbers a book debuts with, the more The Algorithms will get it in front of more eyeballs, which means, hopefully, more teens could wind up with a copy that helps them make informed decisions about sex, relationships, and being a human. One hopes.

You can ask your fav book shop or library to reserve you a copy, or you can place an order online here with our affiliate links below:

Now, obviously I’m gunna be all “buy my book” because, y’know, what am I gunna say? “Don’t buy my book”? I may be too biased to be trusted when it comes to recommending my own book, but I CAN direct you towards a couple of impartial establishments who have also read it and liked it enough that they each gave it a coveted starred review: Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. (It’s actually kind of a big deal to get a star from them)

I dunno, man. What are you going to believe? The recommendations of professional book-reviewing institutions or your own eyes?

I rest my case, your honor.