Kissing somebody new for the first time has Hien Pham’s brain control center in absolute melt down and me gigglin. What a fantastic and fun comic thank you so much Hien!

While we we’re working on this one, we kept thinking about how it might be cool to do a fully-kissin-tips-tricks comic! But the thing is, everyone is SO different in how they like to receive and give smooches and almost all of the advice we could think of was about gauging the person you kiss. Smooch collaboratively and finding what works for you and your partner. In the end, a comic that has a fun play-by-play like this. Nervous to do some kissing on a new partner? Just take it easy, don’t rush, the little yous have got this <3 Hien’s Bonus Notes

Thank you to my good friend Garrett (of In These Fifteen Seconds fame) for helping me out with photo references for this comic! And as usual shoutout to Matthew and Ziggy for being my lovely editors who help shave and shape my million ideas into shining concise stories like this one!

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